Vaccine Adverse Reactions
Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Health Canada Adverse Event Reports

50,545 adverse events reported as of Aug 19, 2022. Health Canada is stating there have only been 370 reports of death and then try to make that zero deaths by stating: “206 reports of deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information; 115 reports of deaths are unlikely linked to a COVID-19 vaccine; and 49 reports of death are still under investigation”. Basically trying to imply that there has not been a single death associated with the jabs… Whilst in the US, the VAERS data is now showing 30,796 deaths (triple the number of deaths associated with ALL other vaccines combined since 1990).

In March 2022, Health Canada reported 40,891 adverse events. In their update they stated this as “about 5 in 10,000”. Of course, they were trying to gaslight as 5 in 10,000 sounds way better than 1 in 2,000 (which is the exact same ratio) and what they would have said if they were trying to be honest. The true figure (when you don’t round it up) though is even worse at 1 in 1,984 with 1 in 9,482 of those being serious.

New Peer Reviewed Study
on Adverse Events:

The excess risk of serious adverse events found in our study points to the need for formal harm-benefit analyses, particularly those that are stratified according to risk of serious COVID-19 outcomes. These analyses will require public release of participant level datasets.

Let’s Compare Stats Across Countries

After all, it’s the same “vaccines” so you would expect the results to all be fairly similar. However, you will see that they are vastly different, which points to a disparity in the reporting.

Population: 38,464,135

1st dose: 32,239,366 (84% uptake)
2nd dose: 30,926,446 (80% uptake)
3rd dose: 19,024,532 (49% uptake)
4th dose: 5,032,320 (13% uptake)
5th dose: 83,669 (0.2% uptake)

(as of 23rd Aug 2022)

Population: 335,236,943

1st dose: 262,908,216 (79% uptake)
2nd dose: 224,113,439 (68% uptake)
3rd dose: 108,806,974 (33% uptake)

(as of 23rd Aug 2022)

Population: 68,664,903

1st dose: 53,769,032 (78% uptake)
2nd dose: 50,646,995 (74% uptake)
3rd dose: 40,304,702 (59% uptake)

(as of 23rd Aug 2022)

Canada Adverse Event Reports
50,545 = 1 in every 639 people

If reported at the same rate as the US the number of cases would be 105,896.

If reported at the same rate as the UK the number of cases would be 260,470.

US Adverse Event Reports
862,663 = 1 in every 305 people

UK Adverse Event Reports
432,819 = 1 in every 124 people

Canada Deaths

370 = 1 in every 87,133 people
or 0.73% of all adverse events

If reported at the same rate as the US the number of cases would be 3,773.

If reported at the same rate as the UK the number of cases would be 1,343.

US Deaths

30,769 = 1 in every 8,545 people
or 3.57% of all adverse events


UK Adverse Event Reports

2,240 = 1 in every 24,004 people
or 0.52% of all adverse events

We know that only 1-10% of adverse reactions get reported and in Canada the paperwork required to submit them is purposely time-consuming and doctors do not get paid to complete it. Plus they are discouraged from doing so.

Which makes the true figures of an adverse event likely somewhere around 1 in 64. Yet Health Canada, and all the Health Officers, still say these jabs are SAFE.

For the adverse events that Health Canada classes as “serious”  (10,194) you are looking at every 1 in 3,163 people, which potentially equates to around 1 in 316.

In April 2021, Dr Hoffe, from a small community in British Columbia became concerned when one of his patients who he’d give the Moderna shot to died and three others were permanently disabled. He alerted Interior Health and submitted vaccine injury reports but those reports mysteriously disappeared. He was threatened when he went public and was suspended in his additional role in the only emergency room in that community.  

VAERS Weekly Analysis

This website does a comprehensive breakdown of the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data each week.


Medscape – How concerned are you about Adverse Events in relation to the vaccines?

Over 450 comments from medical professionals regarding the adverse reactions they have personally experienced.


Dr. Byram Bridle, a pro-vaccine Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph: Pfizer’s Data Shows An Abnormally Long List of Adverse Events: