URGENT Action Nova Scotia Provincial Election

Nova Scotia Provincial Election

On Tuesday, August 17, Nova Scotia is having a Provincial Election.

It is critical to vote against the status quo. The Current leadership is pro-jab passport and they have also lobbied hard to demand children and youth be injected with the experimental jab.

“Liberal Leader Iain Rankin promised Monday to introduce a COVID-19 vaccination passport system if elected.” Read More

Rankin claims it is about safety but nothing could be further from the truth…it is about oppressing the people and taking control of every aspect of their lives.

Action4Canada is appealing to Canadians and asking that if you have contacts in Nova Scotia that you will inform them of this information and suggest they vote independent. We have also been advised of a new party, the Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia, that is anti-passport and working to support Canadian values and sovereignty. The party is worth looking into. Review Here

Another serious contender for re-election is MLA, Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, who was kicked out of Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative Party for opposing the unlawful border restrictions prohibiting citizens the right to travel between provinces.  Smith-McCrossin will be running as an Independent candidate for re-election in Cumberland North. We are unaware of her position on passports so be sure to check that out. 

Canadians don’t need to build back better…we need to VOTE BETTER!

Please participate in this action and let’s remove the infestation of rotten leadership for a better, brighter, freer future.

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

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