Universities with Ties to the World Economic Forum

University of Alberta:

Margie Davenport Associate Professor, in Active Healthy Living, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation WEF page
Indira V. Samarasekera President WEF page

University of British Columbia:

Nathan Bennett Research Associate, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs WEF page
Mariana Brussoni Associate Professor of Pediatrics WEF page
Frances Chen Assistant Professor WEF page
Nicholas Coops Professor and Canada Research Chair WEF page
Brian Copeland Professor of Economics WEF page
Stephen Toope President and Vice-Chancellor WEF page

University of Calgary :

Pamela Campa Assistant Professor of Economics WEF page 

Carleton University:

Steven J Cooke Canada Research Chair & Professor, WEF page
Jim Davies Professor, Institute of Cognitive Science WEF page 
Mihaela Ulieru Research Professor WEF page

Concordia University:

Louise Champoux-Paillé Cadre en exercice John Molson School of Business Concordia WEF page
Sandra Chang-Kredl Associate Professor in Education WEF page 
Anne-Marie Croteau Dean, John Molson School of Business WEF page

Dalhousie University:

David Burton Professor WEF page
Simon Sherry Professor, Clinical Psychologist WEF page 

University of Guelph:

Madhur Anand Professor; Director of the Guelph Institute for Environmental Research WEF page 
Pat Barclay Associate Professor of Psychology WEF page 
Paul Sherman Program Head, Family & Community Social Services WEF page

University of Hull:

Jo Bell Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences WEF page
David Benoit Senior Lecturer in Molecular Physics and Astrochemistry WEF page 
Jane Bunting Reader in Geography WEF page
Nina Dethlefs Lecturer of Computational Science WEF page 

Laval University:

Olivier Clavet The Institute for Advanced International Studies WEF page 

University of Northern British Columbia:

James Moore Former Minister of Industry of Canada now Chancellor, University of Northern BC WEF page

HEC Montréal:

Justin Caron Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Economics WEF page 

Université de Montréal:

Mathilde Besson Doctorante en écologie WEF page
Brahim Boualam Assistant Professor, Department of Economics WEF page 
Julien Bugmann Chercheur postdoctoral, Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la formation et la profession enseignante WEF page
Ariane Burke Professor, Anthropology WEF page 

McGill University:

Suzanne Fortier, the Principal of McGill University is Chair of the WEF Global University Leaders Forum (GULF).

Her page on the WEF website.

WEF Young Scientists at McGill University:

The Young Scientist experience: a three-year journey
By joining the community, the incoming class of Young Scientists convene at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in the People’s Republic of China. In China, Young Scientists connect as a class, participate in the meeting programme and gain exposure to policy and science leaders and entrepreneurs. Within three years of joining the community the Young Scientists will be encouraged to engage in at least one other Forum event or activity.

Jill Baumgartner Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health WEF page
Stefanie Blain-Moraes Assistant Professor WEF page
Marta Cerruti Associate Professor WEF page
Tomislav Friscic Associate Professor WEF page
Jennifer Ronholm Associate Professor WEF page

Other Staff at McGill with WEF Ties:

Patrick Augustin Assistant Professor of Finance; Desautels Faculty of Management WEF page
Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou Dean; Desautels Faculty of Management WEF page
Elena Bennett Associate Professor Department of Natural Resource Sciences WEF page
John Bergeron Emeritus Robert Reford Professor and Professor of Medicine WEF page
Shirley Cardenas Researcher and Writer WEF page
Chris Chipello Associate Director of Media Relations WEF page
Martha Crago Vice-Principal Research and Innovation WEF page
Eleanor Dennis BCL & JD Candidate at Faculty of Law WEF page
Andrew Gonzalez Professor Canada Research Chair in Biodiversity Science and Director Quebec WEF page
Vivian Arguelles Gonzalez PhD Candidate – Natural Resource Sciences WEF page
Ram S. Jakhu Institute of Air and Space Law, Faculty of Law WEF page
Elena Kuzmin Postdoctoral Fellow WEF page
Christopher Lyon Postdoctoral researcher, Natural Resource Sciences WEF page
Heather Monroe-Blum Principal Emerita WEF page
Philip Oxhorn Associate Provost International; Professor of Political Science WEF page

McMaster University:

Lotfi Belkhir Associate Professor & Chair of Eco-Entrepreneurship WEF page
Bettina Brüggemann Assistant Professor of Economics WEF page 
Catherine Clase Physician, epidemiologist, associate professor WEF page
Bonny Ibhawoh Professor of History and Global Human Rights WEF page
Ishwar K Puri Dean of Engineering, Professor WEF page
Yanqui Rachel Zhou Professor, Social Sciences WEF page

University of New Brunswick :

Pamela Malins Assistant Professor WEF page 
Constantine Passaris Professor WEF page

Memorial University of Newfoundland :

Carissa Brown Assistant Professor WEF page 

University of Ottawa:

Gordon Betcherman Professor Emeritus, School of International Development and Global Studies WEF page
Hugette Labelle University of Ottawa Former Chancellor WEF page
Roland Paris Professor of International Affairs WEF page

Université du Québec à Montréal:

Kristian Behrens Associate Professor of Economics WEF page 
Tchéhouali Destiny Professeur en communication internationale WEF page 

Queen’s University:

Lisa F Carver Post Doctoral Fellow WEF page 
Jacquelyn N Coutre Assistant Professor WEF page
Christopher DeLuca Associate Professor in Classroom Assessment and Acting; Associate Dean, Graduate Studies & Research, Faculty of Education WEF page
Warren Mabee Director, Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy WEF page
Ryan P Mulligan Associate Professor WEF page
Matthias Spitzmuller Associate Professor and Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behaviour WEF page
Kyla Tienheraa Canada Research Chair in Economy and Environment WEF page

University of Regina :

Donica Belisle Associate professor of history WEF page 
Shelagh Campbell Associate Professor, Ethics and Labour Relations WEF page 

University of Saskatchewan:

Lauren Bortolotti Adjunct professor – Wetland ecology WEF page 

Simon Fraser University:

Samantha Sherman Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Biological Sciences WEF page 

University of Toronto:

Ajay Agrawal Professor of Entrepreneurship, Rotman School of Management WEF page
Adam Anderson Associate Professor of Psychology Affect and Cognition Laboratory (ACLAB) WEF page
Peter Boisseau WEF page
Kevin Bryan Assistant Professor, Rotman School of Management WEF page
Jessica Burgner-Kahrs Associate Professor WEF page 
Bryan Gaensler Director WEF page
Gillian Hadfield Professor of Law and Professor of Strategic Management WEF page
Roger Martin Dean Joseph L. Rotman School of Management WEF page
Anthony B Miller Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health WEF page
Don Tapscott Adjunct Professor of Management, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management WEF page
Khai Truong Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Research; Department of Computer Science WEF page

University of Victoria:

Sophia Carodenuto Assistant Professor of Geography WEF page 

University of Waterloo:

Warren Dodd Assistant Professor, School of Public Health Sciences WEF page 
Kevin Lynch Former Chair WEF page 

University of Western Ontario:

Elizabeth Caucutt Associate Professor of Economics WEF page
Kate Choi Associate Professor, Sociology WEF page 
Patrick Denice Assistant Professor of Sociology WEF page
Lene Kromann Assistant Professor, Department of Management & Organizational Studies WEF page
John Whalley Professor of International Trade and Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of International Economic Relations, University of Western Ontario (UWO, Canada) WEF page 

University of Winnipeg:

Sylvie Albert Professor and past Dean, Faculty of Business & Economics WEF page 

York University :

S. Harris Ali Full Professor WEF page 
Kate C Tilleczek Professor and Canada Research Chair WEF page