Call to Action Campaigns: Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford

Call to Action Campaigns: Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford

Action4Canada is committed to giving the silent majority a voice through Call to Action campaigns. Please join us in the following ongoing  campaigns against Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford. The pressure is building through opposition and it is important to maintain it.  

As the House of COVID falls, the tyrants are desperately trying to ignore reality and hold onto power. They don’t care about how foolish or hypocritical they sound or look. They are ravenously devoted to the global agenda and they are willing to go the distance. However, their ship is sinking, the rats are dispersing and Trudeau and Ford are heading down a path of no return. Justice is coming and WILL prevail.

Let’s Start with Trudeau and the Liberal MPs

URGENT!!! Please continue to apply pressure to the Liberal MPs. It is critically important to demand they remove Trudeau as leader of the party and then resign.

These MPs have have aided and abetted Trudeau for two years (and longer) and are complicit to treason. Three liberal MPs have spoken out against Trudeau since Action4Canada commenced the letter writing/Call to Action campaign against the MPs two weeks ago. The massive public display of peaceful protest and opposition, initiated by the truckers, has ALL MPs frightfully aware that the gig is up and self-preservation is taking over as the MPs turn on their leader, and their party, in an effort to protect themselves from being criminally charged. Read More and Take ACTION!

Is there Repentance or Just Confession?

Joël Lightbound, a backbench lawmaker from Justin Trudeau’s own caucus, is accusing the prime minister of dividing and stigmatizing Canadians by politicizing vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. Lightbound did not mince words when he called out Trudeau:

“Both the tone and the policies of my government changed drastically on the eve, and during the last election campaign,” said Lightbound, who convened a press conference to deliver his message. “A decision was made to wedge, to divide and to stigmatize. I fear that this politicization of the pandemic risks undermining the public’s trust in our public health institutions.”

The timing of Lightbound’s press release is interesting, don’t you think?

Doug Ford: Hypocrite Extraordinaire

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Whilst Ottawa was “under siege” by Trudeau’s fringe majority, our “leaders” were so concerned that Trudeau was reported to have gone skiing and Doug Ford was off snowmobiling in cottage country.

And what was Ford’s response when called out on it? He had nothing but excuses. Ontarians have lost their livelihoods, loved ones, and their freedom but Ford couldn’t care less. He is more interested in manifesting a fake narrative of a “City Under Siege” in a desperate effort to finish what he signed up for. So what does Ford do next? He deceitfully declares a state of emergency to end the ‘siege/illegal occupation” in Ottawa and Windsor.

“Fines for non-compliances will be severe”, the premier said, “with a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year in prison”.

Let’s put things into perspective: the protest is peaceful; the streets are being cleaned; crime is down by 90%; the homeless are being cared for; and there is laughter, kindness and dancing in the streets.

What is there to justify Ford’s State of Emergency? There is no crime being committed, nothing has been set on fire or blown up, no one is being murdered and there is no vandalism.

So let’s get busy and take some more action! Contact Doug Ford [email protected] and every one of his MPPs and request they cease and desist their illegal response toward law abiding peaceful protesters.

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Remember: Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the person are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking.

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God bless you and God bless Canada!

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