Legal Action Against the BC Government. The Fight of our Lives!

Legal Action Against the BC Government

The Fight of our Lives!

September 23, 2020

September 25, 2020

Dear Friends,

We had technical difficulties with the video, so we are re-sending this message.

Also, we wish to clarify our position on our reference to Covid being a real virus. This statement was made being sensitive to those who have lost loved ones due to so-called Covid-19. In reality, according to experts, and also stated by lawyer Rocco Galati, “the virus to date has not been scientifically isolated nor identified using accepted scientific method.” To learn more about Rocco Galati and the legal action which has already commenced in Ontario, please view the following interview. View Here

Something to consider:

The number of cases, not deaths, is up due to more testing. The testing, however, is proven to be flawed and unreliable. How do you test for something that has not been identified? These are critical questions.

To put the death rate into perspective lets look at BC rates where the so-called Covid-19 death rate is +200 (in line with yearly influenza). Yet the drug overdose death count for 2019, thus far, is +900. It would appear the true pandemic in BC is drug overdoses. Compliments of the government’s generous CERB program and free injection sites.  This does not include the 5 fold increase in the suicide rate, nor those who died because they were denied lifesaving surgeries and treatments.

Since the onset of this Covid scam, Action4Canada has boldly spoken out in an effort to bring awareness and provide evidence of the government corruption and colluding with a foreign enemy. For some, this is still difficult to accept, but we encourage you to investigate further and share the information with others.

Our very freedoms and democracy are on the line.  To commence the legal action we must raise the funds. If 1 million people gave $1….it could be that easy…. so please, donate and encourage others to do the same.  Thank you.

Original Message:

This has been an incredible week. Action4Canada has received a tremendous amount of calls and emails from the public in response to the announcement that legal action will be commencing against the Government of BC. If you are not yet aware of this, please watch the video above to learn more.

We are in the fight of our lives. We must respond to the government’s egregious abuse of power.

Covid is a real virus and it has taken many lives, the majority being the elderly, but many of these deaths were preventable as lifesaving treatments were not made available. I do not personally know of a single person who contracted Covid, or has died of Covid. But in the last week I have been in contact with three people who shared their excruciating loss of a loved one due to death by suicide. The extreme measures, job loss and isolation are too much to bear for many and this is leading to an unprecedented increase in suicide.

Canadians are in mourning and suffering deep loss of varying degrees. Our children are being psychologically abused and, for many, the effects will last a lifetime. They are also being targeted within the public education system as the government prepares to mandate a Covid vaccine.

We must rise up in defence of our nation against a ruthless, power hungry regime.

A constitutional challenge is the only way forward at this point. But legal action cannot commence until we raise the funds. Therefore, it is critical that we have as much support as possible for the fundraising campaign. Time is of the essence.

Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada want to extend our gratitude to everyone who has already donated so generously.  Please continue to share the request to donate.  We are making history!

In closing, I would like to share a message from a fellow Canadian whom I had the privilege of meeting this week. When Paul heard about the legal action, he immediately grasped the urgency to raise funds. So together with his good friends, Riccardo and Yade, as well as his mom, Margaret, they raised $5,000.00. Please take a moment to read Paul’s letter of appeal to his fellow Canadians.

Please Click here to DONATE.  Action4Canada has also added the option of e-transfer.

Thank you, and God bless Canada!

The Team @