Support the BC Nurses who were Terminated over the COVID-19 Experimental Jabs

As you may or may not know, British Columbia is the only province in Canada who still refuses to reinstate the thousands of unvaccinated health care workers who are waiting to return to work. Premier David Eby and Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, are digging in their heels and are bringing in foreign workers to replace our very capable and highly trained Canadian medical professionals, and allegedly paying off the unions with $850 million to secure their support for vaccine mandates.

There is no longer any doubt that their actions are politically motivated and contrary to the public good. The BC NDP government appears be aggressively persecuting unvaxxed healthcare workers. The government’s actions are also putting the well-being of citizens at risk, as access to medical care and treatment reaches a critical breaking point.

Reminder: Vaccination is voluntary in Canada. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian National Report on Immunization, 1996: “Vaccines are not mandatory in Canada; and they cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution.”

The BC nurses were scheduled to go to arbitration this month, however it seems that their union is trying to further delay the process. Would you please help by taking the following action. Even those who live in another province should participate in this action as you may one day find yourself in BC and unable to access medical care.

Call To Action

In order to support the nurses we are requesting that all Canadians send an email to Deb Charrois, ([email protected]) Director Legal and Labour Relations at the BCNU with the subject line: BCNU Needs to Work Harder for Nurses and also BCC this email: [email protected].

The body of the email should state something to the effect that the public is tired of BCNU abusing its nurses, BCNU bears responsibility for the collapse of the publicly funded healthcare system, and it needs to work harder at getting terminated nurses back to work, plus whatever else you would like to add.

By BCC’ing the [email protected] they will then be able to track how many emails have been sent and using the same subject line allows them to filter these emails into one group so as to be able to use those stats in their Labor Board complaint.

Please share this request with as many people as possible.

Corrupt BC Government Continues to Punish Unvaxxed Healthcare Workers

In the above video Adrian Dix, BC Health Minister, sidesteps serious questions in the legislature about why BC is the only province that has not hired back their thousands of unvaxxed Healthcare Workers. We have a major healthcare crisis in BC and all Adrian Dix does is bow to the fake doctor, Bonnie Henry, and proclaim his allegiance to her unlawful orders!

Kevin Falcon, BC liberal MLA, is also called out for his political pandering and hypocrisy.

Remember these names and faces when you go to the polls in October 2024.

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