Save Gustos against gov't tyranny..Update April 8, 2021

Save Gustos Against Government Tyranny…
Update April 8, 2021

On March 29 BC’s Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, announced that all restaurants must close their indoor dining, effective by midnight, for three weeks. Take-out and outdoor services would be “permitted”. This announcement was made without consulting restauranteurs and without any prior warning. Restaurant owners had already spent thousands of dollars on food preparing for the upcoming Easter long weekend celebrations. One such owner is Federico Fuoco, the highly respected and beloved owner of Gusto Restaurant in Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC.

Henry’s announcement created a stir of overwhelming emotion in Federico who had already lost one restaurant due to last year’s lockdowns. He was filled with concern for his staff and the injustice of it all. His initial response was to stay open and not comply with the Order because he had done everything the government had asked…masks, plexiglass, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and limited seating.

You name it…Federico did it. And in the end…for what? Only to be told that he would need to shut down indoor dining for 3 weeks because the PHO claimed that restaurants are the cause of spreading the virus. Not Costco, not the liquor stores, not Walmart…but restaurants. There is no evidence to support Henry’s claims yet restaurants are being given no recourse other than to comply or be shut down.

Federico briefly challenged the Orders only to be swiftly met with a Business Closure Order. Federico then decided to comply with the draconian shut-down Order but was further met with a Business and Liquor License Suspension. Federico has always put the safety and well-being of his staff and customers first but he also believes it is important to expose the inequity and inconsistency of an Order which severely penalizes one group while making irrational exemptions for others. Such as BC Ferry’s indoor dining and indoor wine tasting at wineries. Not to mention, completely enclosed patios.

This will be the final nail in the coffin for many restaurants who are hanging on by a thread. Restaurants without patio space will likely not make it through this. Federico is advocating for all of them.

Further actions will be taken in support of Federico…stayed tuned.

Thank you!

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