Rocco Galati Sues For Anti-Semtic , Racist and Other Defamatory Posts and Articles

Rocco Galati Sues Alexandra Moore, Canuck Law

for Anti-Semitic, Racist and Other Defamatory Posts and Articles

After an onslaught of defamatory and libelous articles posted by Canuck Law, Rocco Galati has commenced legal action.

In Galati’s line of work, reputation weighs a lot, hence the hefty damages sought. Galati is a senior lawyer, practicing law since he was called to the bar in Ontario in 1989.

If found guilty, the defendants could be on the hook for millions of dollars for libel and slander (defamation); aggravated and punitive damages; and harassment. 

As reported by WholeHearted Media, “The claims and libel made against Galati are addressed in the statement of claim which speaks for it self, Galati asserts. Statements made about him from Moore and other citizen reporters, like one Youtuber named Nyla Nguyen who republished the Canuck Law libel, have been documented and recorded in the statement of claim.”

Nobody is above the law in Canada and those who think they are need to think twice before committing such heinous, actionable conduct. 

Read the whole story and Statement of Claim HERE

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