Resistance is Not Futile, It’s Necessary!

Resist the tyranny: Resist the masks. Resist social distancing. Resist vaccines and vaccine passports.

Resistance works. Submission to oppression does not. We can be inspired by the French Resistance!

The French Resistance movement in the Second World War was composed of many small cells and action groups of dedicated and patriotic citizens. They were known for their bravery and guerrilla warfare. But they were also known to be publishers of underground newspapers and sources of first-hand information. All of it contributed to thwarting the oppression of the occupying forces. (Read More) (Wikipedia)

The German occupation authorities and the collaborationist Vichy régime began to employ increasingly brutal and intimidating tactics to ensure the submission of the French population. Sound familiar?!

Although most civilians neither collaborated nor overtly resisted, the occupation of French territory and the Germans’ draconian policies inspired a discontented minority to form paramilitary groups dedicated to both active and passive resistance. They consisted of men and women who came from all economic levels and political leanings of French society, including émigrés, academics, students, aristocrats, conservative Roman Catholics (including priests and nuns), Protestants, Jews, Muslims, liberals, and anarchists.

“The many groups of the internal resistance remained, at the end of 1941, under-resourced, disparate and uncoordinated. The man who would pull together the scattered French resistance was Jean Moulin (codename Max).” 

True Story! Is it a coincidence that the man leading the Resistance in Canada today is Madd Max himself of the PPC?

Who was the Resistance up against and how do they compare to Canada’s current political parties? They were fighting against the Nazi German occupation of France (AKA Liberals and UN globalist cabal) and the ‘collaborationist Vichy’ (AKA the NDP, Green, Bloc Quebecois and the Conservative parties of Canada).

There is one political party at the forefront of leading the Resistance in Canada and that is the People’s Party of Canada, alongside Action4Canada’s grassroots movement that is creating an army of Boots on the Ground activists in every city and town across this nation. 

However, in contrast to the French Resistance we are not working underground but boldly moving across Canada and setting up Chapters in every city and town in order to unite like-minded Canadians and create support for businesses, families, children, the elderly, our churches and candidates at all levels of government. 

We are going to take back our federal and provincial legislatures, our municipalities, our school boards, our neighbourhoods, our courts, our Senate and this Country!

We will not bow down or give in to tyranny or foreign interference.

The government has declared war against Canadians and we must rise in defense of our “guaranteed” freedom and rights.

In response to the police asking Maxime Bernier if he was carrying any weapons, he brilliantly proclaimed, “only my words and my philosophy.” 

For now, this will remain our weapon of warfare but there are many citizens rising up around the world who are prepared to do more. Let’s pray it does not come to that, but also to be prepared that if justice does not prevail and the corrupt are not removed from government, a Revolution may be a reality.

We need all hands on deck! If you have leadership skills and are dedicated to preserving our Judeo-Christian foundation, which our laws and values were created from and that provides the system of governance for a free and democratic State, then we want to hear from you.

If you’re interested in starting an Action4Canada Chapter in your area and you’re already registered as an A4C Volunteer, email [email protected]! If you’re not yet registered with us, you can register as a volunteer and choose Chapter Leader as your area of interest and we’ll follow up with you. Thank you!

God Bless you and God Bless Canada!

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