Religious Exemption for Domestic Air Travel

For religious exemptions people go to the airline website and fill in the exemption form. They are all hidden on their websites and very hard to find so we have provided direct links below.

You need an exemption per trip so you have to apply every time you fly.



Questions need to be answered based on everyone’s faith or religion.

Here is a sample of the questions on the religious exemption forms.

1. With what religion / religious denomination do you identify?

2. Describe how you are a practicing member of this religion / religious denomination:

3. Explain the connection between your religious beliefs and your inability to receive a Covid-19 vaccine:

4. What specific religious beliefs or authorities do you rely upon to demonstrate that your religion /religious denomination precludes you from receiving a Covid-19 vaccine?

5. Do your religious beliefs preclude you from receiving other vaccines or medications? If yes, please provide examples. If no, please explain why not.

6. Can you provide documentation from religious leaders or other practitioners of your faith that explain the connection between your religious beliefs and your objection to the vaccine, and the accommodation you are seeking? If yes, please attach documentation. If no, please explain why documentation cannot be provided.