Protect Our Kids, Remove the Masks

Protect Our Kids, Remove the Masks

Sign and Share the Petitions Below!

Why are Teacher Federations Pushing for a “Mask Culture”?

Students are at nearly zero percent risk of contracting or transmitting the respiratory virus referred to as Covid-19 and have a 99.997% survival rate. There is a 31% increase in youth requiring mental health related hospitalizations directly related to the nonsensical emergency measures.

Parents must take a stand and put a stop to this.

Please sign “all” the provincial petitions and remove the masks from your kids. We have also provided the emails for each Union president for parents to follow up in their province … to press them to comply. 

British Columbia –
Teri Mooring, President – [email protected]  

Alberta –
Jason Schilling, President – [email protected] 

Saskatchewan – Maze, President – [email protected]

Manitoba –
James Bedford, President – [email protected]

Ontario –
Parker Robinson, President – [email protected] 

Quebec –
Heidi Yetman, President – [email protected] 

Nova Scotia –
Paul Wozney, President –  [email protected]

Prince Edward Island (PEI) –
Aldene Smallman, President – [email protected]

Newfoundland and Labrador –
Dean Ingram, President – [email protected] 

New Brunswick – 
Rick Cumming, President – [email protected] 

Northwest Territories –
Matthew Miller, President –  [email protected] 

Nunavut – “
John Fanjoy, President – [email protected] 

Yukon –
Ted Hupé, President – [email protected] 



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