Dear Premier Doug Ford,

In a recent article, written by the New Delhi Times, information was provided involving a transcript which was sealed by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, and their lawyers, in 2017. It is reported that the transcript was sealed because it exposes Party ties to extremism and, if made public, could cause irreparable harm to the Party. Within the transcript it is alleged that key people, with ties to the Conservative Party, are connected to Khalistani and Muslim Brotherhood extremists. If true, this poses a serious threat to Canada’s National security.

As an example, Walied Soliman is quoted from the sealed transcript saying, “I’m a Muslim Brotherhood guy.” It is alleged this quote was from a meeting Mr. Soliman had with persons having links to Khalistani extremism. This is a very serious and damaging statement given that the Muslim Brotherhood, and many of its front groups and charities, are on numerous designated terrorist lists in countries across the world, including Islamic countries.

Walied Soliman, the current campaign manager for Erin O’Toole, is also reported as having helped develop sharia compliant financial services in Canada. Mr. Soliman clearly stays that “Sharia”  finance is deeply rooted in Sharia law. Sharia law is incompatible with western values, culture and rule of law. Ironically, Erin O’Toole in a recent interview, confirmed the threat of Sharia law/practices sayigng, “they are 180 degrees removed (11:40) from what we are as a society” and added that he would do “whatever it takes to make sure these practices never come to Canada.”

Yet, in spite of all of this, Mr. Soliman was appointed by your government to chair the Ontario Securities and Regulations Task Force.

If the New Delhi Times’ report involving Mr. Soliman is accurate, then these are extremely serious allegations. However, if the information is incorrect then Mr. Soliman has the right to have his name cleared. There are multiple other people named in this report who also pose a significant threat to our National Security. The only way to clear Mr. Soliman’s name, and the names of others, is to unseal the transcript sealed by Conservative Party lawyers.

You have a duty and an obligation to protect Canadians and uphold the Rule of Law. If you refuse to cooperate then please be advised that you may be found liable for aiding and abetting potential extremists, which is a federal indictable offence. Furthermore, if the information contained within the sealed document confirms alleged extremist activity, then you have a legal obligation to advise the OPP, RCMP and CSIS according to the Security of Canada Information Disclosure Act, 2015.

I am confident that you understand the magnitude of the concerns and, therefore, demand your immediate attention to this matter. The threat of political entryism, and extremism, must be eradicated from all political parties.

I request that the transcript be unsealed immediately and made available to the public.