Pastor Testimonies - God is Blessing the Faithful

Pastor Testimonies – God is Blessing the Faithful

We’ve stayed open this whole time, and we’re not shutting down. Why? Our people need God and the corporate gathering. We’ve over tripled in numbers, and many have been saved in our church services. Everyone is flourishing and joyful. God is here.

Yes we have been served a few fines but they are being fought in a court of law and not one of them will stand because the courts know they were served unlawfully.

When this all started last year we had 70 people attend our service. By November we were @ 110. Then we started to see more and more attendees from our community, prodigals coming home and some from other churches – today we have over 350 attending our services. This past weekend 5 people were saved at a worship service we held at the park where as many as 400 attended.

On Saturday we rejoiced in celebrating with 12 believers as they were baptized in a cold lake. This past Friday and Saturday evening we have held impartation services. There is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like we have never experienced in the past. The Lord is honoring and richly blessing our faithfulness in keeping His house open to our church family & community.

We need to uphold the Word of God and not neglect the assembling of His people. We need to have faith and not fear. We need to put God first and honor and uphold the Canadian constitution and the rule of law founded on Christian biblical principles. In doing so God will honor and bless your decision to faithfully open your church, without restriction.

Pastor Art – BC

Since May 2020 our church has been open and without restrictions since the November lockdown. The Lord is blessing our decision to stay open and attendance has increased. Many are coming from our unsaved community who are seeking the hope and love only salvation in Christ can provide. To date, the police have issued two fines and at times their presence has been quite obvious. But praise the Lord, none of this has hindered us from gathering together as we are called to do.

Pastor Grant – BC

Praise the Lord for our Resurrection Sunday service experience without police presence. We received a call in advance from RCMP leading up to Sunday worship service – but no RCMP came through our doors on Easter Sunday. Our worship service glorifying our God together as believers was so uplifting and we were so grateful to see new faces from those living nearby. Even if law enforcement come next Sunday or in the in the near future – by God’s grace we will be ready. Action 4 Canada were so supportive and delivered a ZOOM presentation to me and our church leadership to prepare us for how to properly handle law enforcement should they come on our premise to serve us a fine. They answered all of our questions and we are truly grateful for their support.

Pastor Ted – BC

Our church decided to open fully – with no restrictions. Our board was unified in this decision. There were only a few members who decided not to come – they majority of our members gladly came with or without masks. God has blessed our decision to fully open – our church is growing as the community looking for hope are coming. Last Sunday – 3 people from community received Jesus as their Lord and savior. We also have a men’s breakfast – weekly online Alpha course and an outdoor service for the community. God is blessing and honoring our decision to remain open – our church has also never been in such a good financial position as we honor the Lord.

Pastor Randy – Vancouver Island – BC

Two weeks ago I was driving to the Church and a thought crossed my mind that I had not anticipated. As I considered the sixty-two people who have professed faith in Christ at Harvest Bible Church over the past several months, the heightened resolve of the flock to take a public stand for the Lordship of Christ over his Church, the hundreds of displaced Christians who have found refuge with us, non-Christian business owners requesting moral support from the church, and the public ministry we have had delivering supplies to hospitals, it struck me that I might even miss these lockdowns once they are over! While I believe lockdowns are immoral and counterproductive to human health and well-being, I find much hope seeing God purify his Church through the suffering we are experiencing. Regardless of the consequences we face for our public witness, which testifies to Christ’s supremacy over his Bride, we are looking forward to the many souls that will continue to be eternally transformed as faithful churches resist tyranny, refuse to abandon their communities to despair, and preach the Gospel to terrified people who have no hope apart from Christ.

Rev. Dr. Aaron Rock
Lead Pastor, Harvest Bible Church
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Although we have had several members staying away because of hurtful media exposure due to our church fully opening – God has been so so good and honoring our faithfulness to open and not turn one soul away. We are in the city and those in the city who have lost hope are coming and experiencing the warmth and love of the Savior in His house and with and surrounded by the body of Christ Jesus who are freely worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ with or without masks. Jesus said – My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations – we are called to pray and worship together in the house of Lord.

Pastor John – BC