Are you concerned about what your child is learning about sex via social media and the education system? Action4Canada is hosting a two part series consisting of 9 webinars, for parents of youth addressing key issues related to “optimal sexual development.” This research-based program equips and encourages parents to guide and support their children toward optimal sexual health, protecting their current and future wellbeing in a culture that sexualizes children.

Each one-hour webinar session consists of 40 minutes of live virtual instruction followed by questions and answers.       

Part 1: Every Tuesday, Oct 3 – Oct 31, 2023 @ 4pm PST/7pm EST

Part 2: Every Tuesday, January 9 – 30, 2024 @ 4pm PST/7pm EST

If you are unable to attend all of the sessions, recordings will be made available to those who have registered.

Suggested donation: $50 per parent / $75 per couple
If you are unable to make a donation please do not let that stop you from registering. Action4Canada wants all parents to be able to attend this event.
Businesses and others, please consider sponsoring via donation, this critical program for parents.

Deadline for registration: Oct 2nd 2023

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  1. Introduction

Youth health risks, Factors influencing sexual behavior, Who is and who should be guiding youth, Influence of parent involvement and communication

  1. Puberty & Adolescent Development

Adolescent growth and development; Physical, mental, emotional and relational changes during puberty;

Developmental assests; Application – Leaning in parenting, empathetic parenting

  1. Our Body Speaks

Overview of sexuality, Body systems and reproduction, Foundations for marriage and family, How sex is like fire

  1. Effective Communication and Healthy Relationships

Parent/child connectedness, Communication styles and strategies, Overcoming barriers, Family/Friendships/Dating/Marriage/Parenthood

  1. Risks of Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Teen pregnancy, STDs/STIs, Emotional and relational risks, Contraception effectiveness and ineffectiveness, Sexual abuse

  1. Technology, Social Media, Sexting and Pornography

Digital citizenship and footprint, “Tool for good,” Physical and mental risks of pornography, Resisting peer pressure

  1. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Definitions, Culture’s claims, Influencing factors, Implications and risks for youth, Strategies for parents to guide youth

  1. Comparing Approaches to Sex Education

“Comprehensive sex education” and “Sexual risk avoidance/optimal sexual health,” Application in home/school/church settings

  1. Conclusion

 Advocating for the SRA/OSH message, Developmental assets, Goals for children and family

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Phil Lees, PEACE Education Services, Ontario, Canada


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