Our Story

Our Story is possibly much like your own which very likely began November 4, 2015…the day Justin Trudeau, and a majority liberal government, took the helm and swiftly navigated this country into open waters and enemy territory.

Relinquishing control to the UN and a globalist agenda, Canada – and the Western world – finds itself at an impasse as the rising wave of Fascism threatens our very existence as a Nation.

We are in danger of losing the constitutional rights and freedoms we have long taken for granted and for which our forefathers fought and died. As the bureaucrats and elites continue to embrace globalization, multiculturalism and the large-scale immigration of people harbouring vastly different cultural beliefs and practices, they are bringing social turmoil, violence and terrorism to the Western World. In spite of backlash from the increasing outrage of ordinary people it has not led Western elites to reconsider the policies they are pursuing. Instead, they are finding ways to crack down even harder on expressions of discontent from the people whom they allegedly represent and whose interests they are allegedly protecting by using ever-widening definitions of “hate” to silence free speech.

The mainstream media has aligned closely with the left and gives very little space to views that diverge from the progressive narrative. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly ruthless in “banning” people for specific periods of time or even totally shutting down their accounts for expressing what has been deemed unacceptable opinions when addressing controversial topics such as Islam, gay marriage and transgenderism among others.

Unfortunately for the bureaucrats, elites and our political leaders, Western countries still have the trappings of democracy and citizens have become ‘woke’ and opposition is rising. This new awakening means the elites must once again begin to pay attention to the ‘deplorables’, the everyday Canadian, who recognizes the value of Canada’s sovereignty, heritage, and beliefs.

Unlike Prime Minister Trudeau, and the United Nations, Action4Canada does not want Canada to become the first post-national state with no mainstream or core identity. We are proud to be Canadian and we are proud of our Christian heritage which is a system of governance that sets us above the rest.

Action4Canada has been launched to give a voice back to the people. We are not an organization that just sits back and informs you of critical issues.  We intend to arm you with the weapon of free speech and equip you through letter writing campaigns, petitions and rallies lobbying the government to set aside political correctness and adhere to the letter of the law.

We are the rising tide of change. If you are concerned about the direction in which Canada is going, please join us in this journey to return to the shores of a land once built on democracy and make Canada great again.

Please…sign up…share….and encourage others to join.

Welcome Aboard!

The Action4Canada Team