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March 10, 2021

Notice to BC Schools/School Boards – Mask Free Students

The following Student Mask Notice advises School Boards, Principals and staff in British Columbia that they do not have the legal right, or authority, to instruct a student to wear a mask. Action4Canada will be launching a similar Notice nationally in the near future. 

In spite of the known risks and evidence that children and youth are at nearly zero percent risk of contracting or transmitting the virus, the union representing B.C.’s teachers is asking students to mask up in schools. The BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) “asks parents to create a culture of mask wearing.

You, and your child, have the guaranteed right to breathe freely. Model this freedom for your children. The long-term psychological and physical harms are being reported as there has been a 31% increase in mental health hospitalizaions of youth.  And the most alarming recent reports show that “pre-teens and teens had the highest rate of suicide ideations as compared to other age groups.”

Please share this message with BC Parents. Sign and send the Student Mask Notice to your child’s school/school board…Read More 


Canadian Doctors Speak Out

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Retired OPP Officer Vincent Gircy Calls Upon Fellow Officers to
“Remember Your Oath”

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Worldwide Rally – March 20, 2021

Find a location near you and join millions of citizens around the world as they rise in defense of FREEDOM.

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