Notices of Liability Response Templates

NOL Response Template: Equine Canada

Insert your
address here

To: Insert Name and address
of the person you are sending
the letter to here

Date: Insert current date here 

Dear (insert name),

To clarify, it is you (insert name) who is being put on notice, not Equestrian Canada, as you are the one enforcing these illegal mandates on behalf of the government, which is in direct conflict of your duty as a Canadian citizen, to uphold the law and respect the Constitution and Charter of Rights.

Therefore, it will be you personally, who will be held liable for any loss I might incur as a result of your actions should I choose to proceed with legal action.

The serving of this Notice gives you the opportunity to reconsider your personal position in implementing this decision.

Please see the attached document for further information on this.



and print your name here)