Media! Report the Facts and Help Canadians Get Back to Work!

April 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who is responding to the Call To Action and writing the Premiers in an effort to get Canadians back to work and our economy up and running again!

Some of you have expressed concerns over lifting the Emergency Order out of fear this will put more lives at risk.  The reason many Canadians are paralyzed by fear is due to the Mainstream Media’s negligence in reporting the facts.  Therefore, we have decided that rather than reach out to the RCMP in Part 2 of this action plan we will direct the Call to Action toward the media for blatantly conducting a misinformation campaign.

Also, you may notice that some of the links in our report have already been Censored….Youtube is quickly pulling them down and providing the following messaging, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines“.

“Community Guidelines” or Communist Guidelines?

The CBC is paid over a Billion dollars a year to provide a platform for the Liberals agenda and the mainstream media are paid 600 million.  So it is no wonder we are not being provided objective and unbiased news and must instead rely on independent news sources to find the truth.

For those of you who remain concerned and skeptical that Covid-19 risks are in line with those of yearly influenza, than please view this video from a medical doctor and a nurse to help put your minds at ease.  View Here and Here and Here.  I personally drove to three local hospitals and recorded empty emergency rooms.  Not what one would expect in the middle of a pandemic. (Same throughout the USA USA)

It is a very dangerous position we find ourselves in when the government and the media have the ability to control the narrative. We cannot allow fear to outweigh facts.  So “please” do your research.  Take the time to read the article, in its entirety, before dismissing the possibility that Covid-19 does not quantify shutting down our Nation.  Read Here

Action4Canada is working hard for Canadians and willing to address the tough issues so you can make well-informed decisions.  An upcoming Call to Action to the RCMP, in response to Covid, will address the evidence of foreign, and domestic, interference posing a “significant security threat”. (Report,Nat’l Security and Intelligence Committee).

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Protests are commencing…View Here

Take ACTION – Please sign the letter below (or write your own) copy and paste it to your email and send to the list of media provided in this link….  Click Here

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Thank you and God Bless Canada!

Tanya Gaw
Mac Roberson
Valerie Price


Dear Media,

You have a duty, an obligation and a responsibility to report the news factually.

Canadians are unnecessarily suffering.  Millions of citizens have lost their jobs and livelihoods and are unable to provide for their families.  Canadians are dying because they are unable to receive life saving surgery or treatments (such as chemotherapy) and, sadly, there is an increasing rate of suicide.

A growing number of doctors are confirming that the Covid-19 virus is not a pandemic and it is no worse than seasonal influenza. View HereView HereHere and Here

An international poll of thousands of doctors have also confirmed that hydroxychloroquine is an effective therapy and is already deemed safe, and FDA approved.  Why isn’t the media reporting on this instead of discrediting and downplaying its efficacy.

  • Question:  Were the elderly and others who died from Covid-19 given the option of being treated with hydroxychloroquine?

There is also evidence of alleged fraud and corruption mounting against the WHO’s Director General Tedros, Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates who have been on a misinformation campaign to deceive the masses for nefarious reasons.  There are also growing concerns over Justin Trudeau’s division over his loyalties to a foreign Syndicate and in so doing putting Canadians at risk and undermining our national security, Constitutional and Charter Rights, as well as sabotaging our economy.  The Report from the Nat’l Security and Intelligence Committee verifies “domestic” and foreign interference, listing China as a main threat.  The media should expose this and a criminal investigation should commence.

To reiterate, and make it abundantly clear, Covid-19 is a real illness.  But, based on evidence, is no worse than seasonal influenza.  And therefore, as with the flu, the elderly and immune deficient experience the most adverse affects and ergo extra precautions should continue to be taken to protect them.

Thus, Covid-19 does not quantify shutting down the country, quarantining healthy citizens, jeopardizing jobs, people’s livelihoods, collapsing our economy and violating our Constitutional and Charter Rights.

I request you read the following document in its entirety and then immediately commence factual reporting.  Cease and desist the fear mongering so that we can get Canadians back to work!  Read Here

Yours Truly,