Action4Canada: Massive Wins in Saskatchewan

A4C NOL’s are Having a Massive Impact in Saskatchewan

Action4Canada Chapter Leader, Tonie Wells, recently reported that the government of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe, Don Morgan, and the Occupational Health and Safety Council, launched several press releases in regards to Action4canada’s NOLs being served across the province by A4C volunteers.

It is reported by two MLA’s that Scott Moe has even addressed Action4Canada’s NOL’s in the Legislature.

Message from A4C Chapter Leader Tonie Wells

 Elected officials and employers are being served the NOLs at their home address since they are no longer working, or available, at their office. Serving documents to individual’s is perfectly lawful and is in no way a threat to any person. Despite this fact it is being reported that those being served are uncomfortable with this process and the government in turn is trying to make it out as if it is an intimidation tactic and saying such tactics cannot be tolerated. However, it is perfectly lawful and in accordance with instructions given on how to serve.

The NOL’s are in response to the government’s unlawful orders and it is important that every citizen, regardless of their position, be compelled to understand that they are responsible, and will be held accountable, for their participation in administering the illegal and unlawful orders which are infringing on individual human rights and in violation of the Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Rule of Law.

The further pitiful attempts of the Saskatchewan government to amend legislation to protect the employer from liability is further evidence that the NOL’s are having an effect. But the government’s amendment is mere virtue signaling and giving employers a false sense of security since, according to Section 52(1) of the Constitution, that any law that is inconsistent with the Constitution ‘is of NO force or effect.”

There is absolutely no doubt that Moe is passing these bogus amendments in a failed effort to get ahead of Action4Canada’s NOL’s.  However, the problem is, that he can’t. Because we are right and he is wrong. And every citizen being served is becoming educated and aware of the government’s overreach and their limitations thereof. Individuals cannot be compelled by the government to commit indictable offenses.

The Action4Canada Chapter leaders and volunteers in Saskatchewan want the government to know that they are committed to continuing to serve the NOLs to uphold the Charter of rights and freedoms as is their lawful duty.

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