Premiers, fully lift the lockdown and commence an investigation!

Hydroxychloroquine, confirmed an effective treatment. Who will pay for the lives lost?

Call to Action!

June 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

In March, Action4Canada, despite the backlash, provided information reporting that the hydroxychloroquine treatment (including azithromycin and zinc) showed a high success rate in effectively treating Covid 19. We have consistently provided evidence of its success in one Call to Action after another because we care about Canadians and felt a duty to inform you. In April we provided a report outlining strong evidence to suggest that Trudeau was working with the UN and globalist elites and using this virus as a means to gain global control.

On June 2nd we provided a report announcing that the WHO had decided to stop clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine due to “safety concerns” and yet we continued to question their position and maintained supporting thousands of doctor’s reports on the efficacy of this drug.

On June 4th there was Breaking News reporting hydroxychloroquine is indeed a safe and effective drug in treating Covid 19. The report also exposes the WHO’s attempt to shut down trials based on a report from an organization described as running a scam. Even the mainstream media are now admitting the drug is safe and effective in saving lives, but they are neglecting to report the other important details. Global News

The report reveals a sinister alignment between the WHO and the healthcare analytics firm, Surgisphere, who provided the WHO with the data and was the cause of ending the hydroxychloroquine clinical trials. ( Read Here) Surgisphere is reported as a company lacking in medical expertise and hired most of its 11 employees two months ago.

  • One expert interviewed by the outlet said it would be difficult for even a national statistics agency to do in years what Surgisphere had supposedly done in weeks, calling the database “almost certainly a scam.”

As the article states, “the ulterior motives for the rush to demonize hydroxychloroquine has become clear.”   Treatments that are not profitable will always be marginalized in favor of costly and frequently less-effective pharmaceuticals.

  • Drug industry profiteering has already killed hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people in the US alone. 

Trudeau and Tam have much to answer for. Trudeau’s mission all along was to mandate a vaccine and there is little doubt now that hydroxychloroquine was a surprise, putting a severe dent in the agenda. It is reported the investors of the pharmaceutical companies involved in the production and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine will get a great return on their investment. It could go from a billion-dollar business to a trillion-dollar business.

Will Trudeau be held responsible for the lives lost and the devastating harm that was unnecessarily inflicted upon the citizens of this nation. Our economy has been crushed and millions of people are out of work. Many people lost their lives because they did not have access to life-saving surgery and medical treatments and many more are losing their lives to suicide because they cannot cope. The elderly have been imprisoned for months while prisoners have been released and are walking free. Children have been psychologically harmed by the constant propaganda being thrust upon them between the world ending in 12 years due to climate change and now forced into lockdown out of fear that a virus (statistically no worse than the yearly flu) will kill them, or a loved one.

It is so purely evil and Trudeau and the liberals (including the NDP and Greens) have used fear as a tool to divide and control the masses. Most, if not all, of our premiers, also refused to question the status quo and fight for the rights and freedoms of their citizens. The Premiers were more than happy to enforce the emergency measures act rather than defend our inalienable rights provided under the Constitution.

There needs to be justice and we need to ensure that a good crisis does not go to waste and that we use this experience as a gift. It is a gift that revealed corruption at all levels of government including mayors, MLAs, MPs, premiers, and most importantly our Prime Minister. Who we vote into office, and where they stand on critical issues, is paramount to maintaining our sovereignty, freedom, and democracy. So please, vote wisely and remember those who turned their backs on Canadians come the next elections.

As the lockdowns lift will you forgive and forget? Or will you demand justice?

Rallies continue across the nation! Please consider attending one in a community near you as we send a message to leaders that we will not bow to authoritarianism.  Nor will we ever again so willingly hand over our rights and freedoms without a fight.   Click here for rally information

Please sign the letter below (or write your own), copy, and send your letter to the list of Premiers.

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Thank you and God bless Canada!

The team @ Action4Canada

Dear Premiers,

In April Canadians reached out to their premiers for help requesting the lockdowns be immediately lifted as they were causing more harm than good, and the evidence did not support Covid-19 as a pandemic. However, the premiers rejected their constituent’s request and instead went along with Trudeau and the WHO’s agenda.

The following report was provided asking that you review the document in its entirety (Read Here). Upon completion of the report, it was further requested that an investigation commence into the foreign and Canadian crime syndicate involved in using this virus to gain global control and mandate a harmful vaccine. Powerful forces have been at work undermining our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But this too was ignored.

Ample evidence confirms that Covid-19 does not qualify as a pandemic and did not justify shutting down the entire country, quarantining healthy citizens, jeopardizing jobs, people’s livelihoods, collapsing our economy, and violating our inalienable rights.

Premiers were further provided evidence of an international poll wherein thousands of doctors rated hydroxychloroquine as an effective therapy to treat Covid. This too was ignored and hundreds, if not thousands, of people may have died because of negligence in providing this treatment.

On June 4th, a report revealed a sinister alignment between the WHO and the healthcare analytics firm, Surgisphere who provided the WHO with the data from which the WHO immediately ceased hydroxychloroquine clinical trials last week. It is believed this effort was to stop the global treatment of the drug in order to promote a vaccine ( Read Here). The WHO based their decision on data provided by a firm who lacks any real medical expertise and hired most of its 11 employees two months ago. Since this report came out the WHO announced they will commence trials.  Why, if the drug is already proven safe and effective?

  • One expert interviewed by the outlet said it would be difficult for even a national statistics agency to do in years what Surgisphere had supposedly done in weeks, calling the database “almost certainly a scam.”

On June 4th, the mainstream media could no longer hide the truth and, finally, also reported hydroxychloroquine is a safe and effective drug to treat Covid-19. (View Here) However, they neglected to report the suspected tie between the WHO, Surgisphere, and Lancet.

Justice needs to be had and Canadians are asking the Premiers to initiate an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s ties with the UN, WHO, the Bill Gates foundation, and whoever else is behind this attack on destroying our economy and the lives and livelihoods of Canadians.

In closing, I am no longer requesting, but instead am demanding, that the Premiers immediately, and fully, lift the lockdowns and all restrictions.  Rescind any lingering emergency orders, ensure hydroxychloroquine is available to Covid-19 patients, restart the economy, and get Canadians back to work!

Yours Truly,