“To those of you watching who have until now remained on the sidelines: please pay very close attention to these words.

The BC, and the Canadian Lawsuits against these forced totalitarian measures are going to be the most important cases in Canadian history.

This is not an exaggeration. When the dust finally settles, the fate and general direction of the entire country will be determined.

I know that many of you realize that something is wrong with these draconian style lockdowns and measures being imposed upon us, but at the same time you are being inundated with so much false information that it is difficult to realize what is fact and what is not. All debate is being censored and only one side of the argument is being heard. There is only one reason to shut down the debate and this is when the incumbents (or so called experts) argument does NOT hold water.

This is why these two cases are so unbelievably important; because they will force the debate into the open and for actual facts to be brought in front of the public. The truth always prevails… but only if it is heard and by many. These cases will be only the beginning!! I believe that when people see the power in the truth they will launch cases across Canada and beyond our borders.

We have an obligation to our families, our children, and the entire world, to get off the sidelines and take action NOW. If we do not bring this fight foreword and soon, we will be so far backed into a corner by these totalitarian measures that there will be no hope to get our freedoms back.

Laws are quietly passed behind the scenes which are tearing our democracy into shreds and most are not even aware. They are being passed in guise of and to “protect us” from an “invisible enemy” and all without transparency or democratic process.

The time to push back is now. Please donate whatever you can. EVERY dollar will make a difference. If you could please, just for one week, skip that next meal out, don’t order that random item from amazon that you don’t really need, this will actually make all the difference.

Thank you all for holding our governments accountable and fighting for our Freedoms!! It is indeed a fact that “The price of Liberty is internal Vigilance”!! Fear is a powerful weapon and we almost always give up our basic rights and freedoms when we are scared. Let’s all take a deep breath and learn how to critically think and objectively analyze information. Let us remove this illusion of fear clouding our process of thought.

Thank You All for the collective support!! Lots of Love and Hugs to each and every one of you!! And remember that you are not alone. As we are Many!!!”

Langley, BC