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Healthy Eating and Childhood Vax’s: Past and Present

When: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST Register in advance

Linda Morken will be joining Tanya Gaw on the next Empower Hour as special guest. Linda will be covering the cycle of childhood vaccination since the onset. We will discuss the pharmaceutical companies immunity to vaccine adverse reactions and the affect this is having on our children. Much to societies detriment the vaccine industry has grown into a massive money making business at the expense of the health and welfare of our children. Read More. 

The time has come to have a frank and honest conversation about the efficacy of childhood vaccinations.

Unexpectedly, and I’m sure much to the dismay of those behind the COVID jab agenda, the diabolical plan to inject humanity is backfiring as it is causing a heightened awareness to the absence of any oversite, accountability or  liability on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies. The public are finally having an opportunity, aside from the Covid jab, to access information on the harms also associated with childhood jabs. It is bringing a heighten awareness to the decades long campaign to vax, vax, vax your children even though the risks associated with the 72+ doses, consisting of toxic ingredients, causing permanent and life-altering affects for a freightening number of children.

Tam: Next Target…Babies!

The Barbarians Will Not Stop Until they have Destroyed all we Hold Precious. 

Tam is Outright Decieving the Public

Covid Vaccine Adverse Event Reports for Australian children 15 years and younger in just over one month (October to November). There were 9587 reports in total overall age groups with 77 reported cases of death. The same period also saw the vaccine administered to several children under the 12-years limit, one as young as 8-years-old. The report states: “Vaccination error. Product administered to patient of inappropriate age.”