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Understanding Transgender Issues: The Assault on Parental Rights

Help the BC father: Medical malpractice is resulting in the sterilization and mutilation of minors 

August 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

Without Prejudice

This Action has multiple requests because this is a huge matter involving several key officials. We encourage you to read the opening letter, sign the petition to the BC Attorney General, and watch the compelling video above as well as the father’s personal testimony as he faces criminal charges for defying the court, in order to protect his daughter.  Video: Dan Dicks, Press For Truth – View Here

At the hands of the government, BC judicial system, and medical professionals, the father and his 15-year-old daughter have been ensnared in a vile and unprecedented web of trans activism unlike anything we have ever witnessed.

School officials, counsellors, doctors, lawyers, judges, and even the Attorney General are, we allege, promoting a particular ideology rather than objectively assessing the needs of the child and genuinely attempting to address her issues.

Medical malpractice, consisting of abhorrent practices by the medical community, are resulting in the sterilization and mutilation of minors. This is an indictable offence according to the Criminal Code 267(b), 268(1). It is in further violation of the Nuremberg Code, Charter of Rights, and multiple international treaties and agreements. Review Here

It is alleged that, prior to this case hitting the docket, Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson assigned judges he believed would take the government’s side against the father. If this is the case, judicial impartiality was completely compromised.

There is compelling evidence that the child was not provided independent medical advice, legal advice, or impartial court hearings.

As a result of the court’s rulings and publication ban, the father was silenced and threatened with imprisonment if he spoke to anyone about the details of this case.

In February of 2020, in a desperate effort to protect his child, the father violated the court orders and began to speak to media sources who were willing to help expose the atrocities being perpetrated. When his daughter refused to press charges, the Attorney General’s office stepped in and decided to stay civil proceedings in favour of a criminal trial. It is believed that the BC government is using this girl to flaunt their power, and to intimidate parents who might also consider interfering with their agenda. If they win, it will set a precedent for inflicting further crimes against humanity involving children.

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
― Martin Luther King Jr. 

The father has committed to not only expose the irreversible damage done to his own child, but also to other minors nationwide who have been affected by SOGI-like programs, the Infants Act and similar legislation, and educational material pushing the harmful trans ideology which is indoctrinating children and creating a mass social contagion. Please visit if you, or someone you know, is a victim of this agenda.

The individuals involved in this offense must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. To begin the process Action4Canada has contacted the RCMP with a request for an investigation. Please read our complete report here.  

Further to this action we have created a petition addressed to the BC Attorney General, David Eby requesting that he terminate all legal action against the father, uphold the constitutional rights of parents and stop the sexual mutilation and sterilization of minors pending a full, impartial, investigation.

The father’s next court appearance is on Wednesday, September 2, 2020If you are local and able to attend the preliminary hearing to set trial dates, it will be held at the Vancouver Supreme Court at 800 Smithe St. The court doors open at 9:00 am. Depending on the court room, and restrictions due to Covid, there may be a limit on how many people will be permitted to enter. If this is the case, then attendees will gather outside on the sidewalk to show support. If you wish to bring a sign calling for an end to the abuse and sexual mutilation of children or calling on the government to respect parental rights, then please do so.

Call to Action: Sign and share the petitions.

Sign Petition – Attorney General cease and desist the attack against the father. 

Government e-petition – Jenn Smith’s petition calling for a national inquiry.

Thank you, and God Bless Canada! 

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