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Stewart Staudinger is a Retired Air Force Squadron Leader who has served with both the Canadian & British Armed Forces. Stewart has studied Canadian and International law and has publicly and succinctly addressed the government’s criminal activity associated with the COVID-19 mandates. Stewart recently served the Alberta RCMP Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki a Notice of Liability and has called on Zablocki to swiftly and decisively enforce the law and protect life and human rights.

Stewart grew up on a ranch & had a great love of the outdoors: hunting, fishing, etc. As a kid he loved aviation, science, engineering, math, history (with an emphasis on aviation!). He pursued a military career with Air Cadets, where he developed his love for bushcraft and survival skills.

After graduating in 1991, Stewart was awarded a University Bursary with the Royal Air Force in 1992. He graduated from Loughborough University with a BEng (HONS) in Aeronautical Engineering in 1996 and was commissioned in the Royal Air Force in 1996. Served as an RAF helicopter pilot from 1998 to 2013.

Stewart’s list of accomplishments is impressive: He placed in the top three on his Intermediate Command & Staff college course (Masters Level Diploma in International & Strategic Studies). He was also a helicopter instructor and electronic warfare instructor.

Stewart served under live fire in Iraq, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland during his time in military service as well as training support in Europe, East Africa, North Africa and the US.

He retired in 2013 as Squadron Leader (equivalent of Major), and moved with his family back to his childhood ranch, where his science background and passion for genetics, holistic rangeland management and soil biology are utilized. The family runs a pure Plains Bison herd and own a Butcher Shop and Pantry Market in Sylvan Lake Alberta that sells locally sourced food. Steward also flew CH.146 Griffon with 408 THS (Royal Canadian Air Force) as a reservist from 2014 to 2017

As a military veteran, Stewart has become an expert in International Law, and how it applies in Canada. With his degrees in the applied sciences, he has been extensively researching the law and science and how it applies to the current covid tyrannies.

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