Webinar: Common Law Made CLEAR

When: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 4:45pm PST/7:45pm EST Register in Advance. The zoom doors open at 4:45pm PST and the Empower Hour begins at 5:00 pm PST/8pm EST.

David Lindsay is once again our special guest. David is a co-founder of CLEAR, the Common Law Education And Rights initiative, which focuses on a correct understanding and application of common law, which, surprising to many people, originated in the Bible.

Many of Action4Canada’s members are familiar with David’s work in helping educate citizens on the process of filing criminal charges against individuals (eg employers) directly through the courts and not the police. This campaign continues to be a work in progress and not a very popular one with the government and the courts. They are attempting to delay the processing of current charges by adjourning them. We will persevere until a judge rules according to the rule of law. View previous Empower Hour videos with David HERE.

David and Tanya will briefly discuss the recent decision made by Judge Ross, give an update on filing criminal charges and then David will provide an informative and educational introduction to his new webinar series on our common law and the Constitution.

David has developed an extensive 12-13 part webinar, with over 1200 PowerPoint slides, providing Canadians with the truth on a wide variety of Constitutional issues. Each presentation will be approximately two hours long, and will be every Thursday, at 5:00pm PST beginning September 22, 2022. Register HERE.

This will be the most comprehensive presentation and education on Constitutional and freedom issues in Canada.

David will provide meanings to fundamental words and fundamentals of law that people have never fully understood…until now! Never again will someone blindside you by asking for proof – or what you mean!!!

What is a right? A privilege? A duty? A power? A disability? Without answers to these questions, governments and the judges will continue to spread their deception everywhere.

David will further discuss the following:

  • The longest standing and most critically important document in our Constitution – the Coronation Oath of the Monarch and its true meaning and implications – especially for all politicians, gov’t officials and the judiciary! It is this Oath that was the source of power to even sign the Charter, and where the Charter conflicts with this Oath, even the Charter doesn’t apply! This will be some of the most important information you will ever learn and has been kept secret by successive governments over the past century.
  • The specific limited powers of each level in our governmental structure, and their duties
  • The most comprehensive analysis of our common law available to all freedom lovers! It is the best system of law in the world and you will discover why – and to anyone that claims to want to change the system – this won’t be possible without being worse than we are now.
  • The real meaning of property, where it is located in our Constitution, and how there are no loopholes like s. 1 of the Charter to take our property without our consent
  • We will provide you with the most researched and comprehensive meaning of the most important word in our legal and political systems – the word “Person”. You cannot understand law unless you understand this fundamental word and its implications. Once you realize that a man and a person are different, your entire outlook on our legal and Constitutional structures will change dramatically. We will further eliminate all myths and discrepancies surrounding this word.
  • Further issues like “residency”, the use of legal fictions and other forms of word magic by corrupt governments and judges, COVID-19 related issues, and the use of Notices to further your opposition to the COVID-19 rights and freedoms deprivations.
  • The true Constitutional source of YOUR power and freedom for civil disobedience that cannot be lawfully denied!
  • All sources of our knowledge are provided to you for credibility and verification purposes!!

Thousands and thousands of hours of research and travel all over Canada to over a dozen libraries, law libraries, and religious libraries, provide the source of this incredible information, in addition to hundreds more hours of preparation have been invested to bring this information to all Canadians.

David will dispel all myths that continue to remain in many areas of our law. Ongoing Q and A opportunities will be presented throughout David’s presentation as well.

You won’t want to miss this Empower so join us on Wednesday, September 7th to hear David discuss the importance of this information to everyone who cherishes our rights and freedoms. Register in Advance

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