BC Provincial Election – We Need Your Help

Dear Friends,

Premier John Horgan called a snap election in the middle of his draconian lockdown. With barely a month to prepare, parties are scrambling, and voters are unaware of their options.

Horgan is spending his time, and our money, buying votes. The NDP are using whatever measures they can to win this election. It is just more dirty politics.

The NDP, BC Liberals and Greens have joined the global “Socialist” party. The only way to tell them apart is by the colour of their hats.

There is hope for BC, but we need your help. There are 49 candidates who are not associated with the above parties. There is a total of 87 districts. The 49 candidates represent the following parties;

  • 5 Christian Heritage Party (CHP)
  • 15 Libertarian
  • 29 Conservative

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson recently became provincial leader of the CHP and is running in Abbotsford.  We would encourage everyone to review their Mission Statement as they have remained uncompromising as a party for over 30 years. Always a party of interest, but unable to gain a seat for fear of vote splitting.


We are at a point wherein fear can no longer be a reason. Voting in the less of two evils is only creating greater evils. We need to begin to vote for the individual who best represents freedom and democracy.

The following list provides examples of what the provincial NDP, BC Liberals, and Greens have endorsed. Pandering to the UN, and politically correct politics, they have managed to undermine our civil liberties and arbitrarily replaced them with unethical and draconian measures. Such as;

  • The global Agenda 21/30 – Giving the UN, an unelected body, control over our resources, education, financial system, borders, etc. They are systematically forcing the population into cities because they are easier to control. They use false data to manipulate citizens into believing that this is all for the greater good of the environment and humanity.
  • Tracking and tracing – what better way to control people than through their personal devices. Privacy rights be damned.
  • Climate change propaganda – using our children as pawns and terrifying them to gain control of our resources, our waterways, and push population control through abortion and euthanasia.
  • Promote the Radical Trans/LGBTQ political agenda – indoctrinating children using the SOGI 123 resource brought in by the Liberals in 2016. This is part of the UN’s Comprehensive Sexual Education resource which is intended to sexualize children at the earliest age possible. Teaching children they can be a boy, girl, neither, nor anything in between. This has led to a mass social contagion wherein youth are questioning their biological gender, leading to the use of experimental drugs, sterilizing youth, and permanently mutilating their bodies.

This is the short list but compelling enough to show that the provincial NDP, BC Liberals, and Greens are no friend of those who believe in a free and democratic society.

Bob Bray, President of the Social Mavrik Federation, has worked tirelessly to give BC families an alternative to the public-school system. They have provided a list of candidates who support this endeavor. The Elections BC website also provides a list of candidates. Read Here

Please, forward this message to every contact you have in BC. Request that they carefully review the list of non-NDP/Liberal/Green Party candidates and let’s vote “in” change.

Thank you, and God bless Canada! 

The Team@