Coronavirus Special Report

March 23, 2020

Big reporting..lots to consider.  Knowledge is power.  Please read on.

This is a time of uncertainty as the world navigates an outbreak of unknown proportions.

It is especially difficult when Canadians lack trust in their leadership, as well as the media, to give an honest account.

What we do know for certain is that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable and therefore special care and precautions should be taken to ensure their safety. Based on this information however why is the government quarantining healthy people?

There are many varying reports surrounding the cause of the virus and the severity.  A number of reports are suggesting that Covid is no worse than the common flu while others suggest it was created in a lab.  The UN and world leaders are calling it a pandemic and have created an unprecedented fear in citizens around the world despite questionable delays on their part in reacting to it at the onset.   Stats show that the number of deaths from Coronavirus are far less in comparison to SARS, Swine Flu and H1N1 yet the global hype is off the chart.  Every death is serious but we need to be vigilant because darker forces may be at play.  Read Here

Global Agenda or by design?

  • “The Globalists covertly create a problem, use the pathetic mainstream media to deliver a version of the message they want you to believe, create fear (a currency for control) and then return to offer the solution they created in the first place.  The key is to convince people that everything is random”…Climate Change, Coronavirus, Economic Crash, etc.  View Here  96% of citizens tested in South Korea were negative.  The US reports the same.  **People with pre-existing health issues are at risk.  The UN is recommending not to use “cash” because it spreads the virus (working toward cashless society, One World Currency).
  • Gates Foundation Sponsored Training for ‘Fictional’ Coronavirus Outbreak That Caused 65 Million Deaths Last Year.  Read Here

If this is truly a pandemic would Justin Trudeau’s response show gross negligence in taking the necessary action in multiple instances?

  • First off, Trudeau refused to stop all flights from China into Canada.  He was more interested in spinning a political wheel of racism then protecting his own citizens.
  • After two months of dilly dallying Trudeau finally decided on March 18 to restrict international travel. However, Rebel News  went to Pearson airport on Wednesday to discover flights from “China” and other countries are still arriving.  Not only that but there were still no adequate screening measures.
  • The government blatantly lied, and continues to lie, when assuring Canadians they are conducting advanced screening at the airports when they indeed are not.  They are handing out pamphlets and not even checking passports for citizenship.
  • Trudeau is also negligent in closing the Roxham Rd border crossing wherein illegal migrants continue to flow into Canada.  As per Bill Blair, they were monitoring them for 24 hours and then placed in quarantine like the rest of Canadians but the head of the border agency said this just wasn’t true.  More lies. Read Here  AND HERE  News Release: while writing this article it is reported Roxham was finally closed Friday, March 20th.  Can we trust the government to do so?
  • Canada gave 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China in February regardless that Canada’s first case was on Jan. 25th. 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves.”  No wonder our shelves were bare when people went into panic mode to buy them based on the MSM’s pandemic narrative. This should cause one to pause and ask the question if the government genuinely believed this was a pandemic.
  • If the gov’t truly believes Covid is a pandemic wouldn’t they make testing kits a top priority?  
  • Further, they are deceiving Canadians when diagnosing individuals with coronavirus when they have not been tested.  Therefore, any numbers reported here and around the world are being inflated.

I can give a firsthand account of this occurring as my daughter was diagnosed with the virus this week.  She was diagnosed over the “phone”.  In appealing to the doctor for testing she was denied as the doctor informed her that they had been instructed not to test and instead advise to self-isolate.  Thankfully my daughter, who struggles with a weakened immune system, is experiencing symptoms no worse than the common cold. 

If this is a pandemic, Trudeau should be charged with gross negligence in failing to properly protect and inform citizens. However, if it is not, and the Prime Minister is selling out Canadians to gain a seat on the UN Security council by going along with this scam, then he should be investigated for treason. 

Helpful Information:

  • Positive news report: 3 International Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus in 6 Days! (possibly 3) Read Here
  • Reuters has provided the following in response to some of the misinformation being shared regarding self-diagnosing.  Read Here
  • Also, a Government of Canada link provides information on the extended period to file your taxes (June 1st) as well as temporary income support for workers and parents. Read Here
  • The following Worldometer link provides a live update on how the Coronavirus is impacting countries around the world.  However, can these numbers be trusted?  View Here

Regardless of the how it begun and who is responsible…we need to learn from this adversity and turn it to good.  It has exposed Canada’s weaknesses created by our government who have spent years capitulating and bowing down to foreign powers such as the UN and China.  The UN’s interference in weakening our borders, resources and social and economic development, our subtle submission to a world banking system and handing our manufacturing industry to countries throughout Asia, has crippled our economy in a blink.

This has to be “the” wake up call for all Canadians.  We need to become self-sufficient in manufacturing products Canadians rely on in time of crisis.  We need to pull out of the fractional reserve central banking system and move the Bank Of Canada  back to its Constitutional requirements. Wherein we would again have the ability to loan funds to municipalities and provinces at low or no interest rather than paying billions of dollars in interest on our national debt to privately owned foreign central banks.  Our current national debt is growing by the second (over 700 Billion) and is the highest in Canadian history.

The concerns raised over this crisis being intentional is not completely unreasonable due to Trudeau’s lust for power and admiration for communist dictators.  (View Here)   Trudeau sabotaged our oil and gas industry.  He has crippled Alberta and many are out of work and reliant on “social” assistance.  Now, due to the long term effects of the mandated self-isolation the numbers are rapidly increasing.  500,000 people across Canada have filed for Employment Insurance Benefits due to job losses in the past 4 days (compared to 27,000 a year ago).  It is expected to reach millions.

In order for a dictator to gain control over the people, the people must first become reliant on the State.

Last week, the government announced plans to pledge $50-million to the World Health Organization and other bilateral aid as a part of a larger $1-billion coronavirus response package.  Millions of dollars are also being sent to China and Greece!   View Here 

Trudeau’s out of control spending, giving billions to the UN and abroad in foreign aid is unmatched by the further cost of flooding Canada with unskilled illegal migrants posing as asylum seekers and entering at Roxham Road in uncontrolled numbers since Trudeau’s reckless tweet in 2017.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants have entered Canada in the past three years.  The majority are from Islamic countries which is problematic because of the rising concerns surrounding the clash in cultural values, the unwillingness to integrate and assimilate and the costs associated with rising crime.  This can no longer be dismissed as racism or intolerance.  It is dangerous and causing a heavy financial burden. Trudeau chooses to turn a blind eye and instead funds this unarmed invasion with a gold star “social” assistance package (full healthcare, dental, schooling, and housing).  It took a pandemic for him to finally close the border but for how long?

Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that his government is looking into recalling Parliament for a brief period in order to pass emergency measures, including possibly the federal Emergencies Act in response to COVID-19. Read Here The Emergency Measures Act (renamed from the War Measures Act) was brought into play during peace time by Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a self-proclaimed communist. The Emergencies Act is extreme law and will give the government extra power.  In order to reach “quorom” – just 20 MP’s, out of the 338, need to be in Chamber.

The concern over this pandemic being used as a means to an end for Trudeau’s quest for power and control cannot be underestimated.  But it also should not allow fear to stir in your hearts.  Rather it should stir up righteous indignation and give birth to a fighting spirit to overcome this giant.

For those who have faith pray.  For those who do not, please pray anyways.

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land

Action4Canada is committed to continue to inform and equip Canadians to take take action on matters of great public interest and concern.  The left doesn’t rest and therefore neither can we.  Bill S-202 (Senate Conversion Therapy Ban) is in second reading debate, Bill C-8 is in full throttle targeting our most vulnerable youth, municipal conversion therapy bans are about to be passed, Bill C-7 (expansion of medical assisted suicide) is at second reading and the Conservative party leadership race is under attack from within by leftist Red Tories.  Rather than be discouraged we could choose to be grateful as this is exposing a radical, totalitarian government.  Let us be united in our efforts to expose it and work together to alert our fellow Canadians.

I pray you all will remain healthy and well and God’s protection be with you and your loved ones.