Action4Canada Chapter Survey

The Action4Canada Chapter Team thanks you in advance for your time! Survey v. 2.0

Please Submit only one Survey Per Chapter!
Only to be submitted by a chapter core team member (i.e. leader, co-leader, or treasurer) or former leaders for some chapters. Do your best to provide the most complete information possible. This is page 1 of a 2 page survey. Estimated time required 5-10 min. Thank you!
Email [email protected] with questions regarding the survey.

Chapter & Leadership Overview

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Chapter Core Team

Please enter in all existing leaders of your chapter's core team below. If you or a Leader/Co-Leader acts in more than one role enter the same name again. Where no leader for a role exists—leave role blank. Eg. a Chapter Leader is also the Treasurer/FInance person. Select Manually Signed or Docusign for Signed Legal? below only if BOTH the up-to-date confidentiality and code of conduct agreements are signed and submitted.

Eg. Any additional details or explanation regarding the chapter core team.

Chapter Volunteers & Members

Please estimate over the last 3 - 6 months your average number of volunteers and members, and how/when you meet.

Please check all that apply.
Please check all that apply.