Action4Canada Chapter Survey

Thank you in advance for your time and ongoing commitment with Action4Canada!

Please Submit only one Survey Per Chapter!
Only to be submitted by the chapter core team (i.e. leaders, co-leaders, or treasurers) or former leaders for some chapters. Do your best to provide the most complete information possible. This is page 1 of a 2 page survey. Estimated time required 10-15 min. Thank you!
Email [email protected] with questions regarding the survey.

Chapter & Leadership Overview

Eg. Winnipeg
Eg. John Doe

Chapter Core Leader Team

Please enter in all existing leaders of your chapter's core team below. Select whether there are Co-Leaders and Treasurer/FInance roles being filled. Select Yes for Legal Docs Signed? below only if both the up-to-date confidentiality and code of conduct agreements have been signed and submitted to the national office.

Chapter Volunteers & Members

Please estimate over the last 3 - 6 months your average number of volunteers and members, and how/when you meet.

Please check all that apply.
Please check all that apply.