UPDATE – Call To Action Rally at the Vancouver Court

Dear friends,

Thank you! to everyone (around 100 people) who attended the Court proceeding involving the father who is exposing the State sponsored abuse of his daughter.  The court previously ordered publications bans to prohibit the father from sharing his story or exposing the doctors involved in this politically driven scheme, masked as human rights.

It was an interesting day in Court and much was revealed.  Due to the complexity of this case and the volumes of information being provided to Judge Tammen, who is new to the majority of the details surrounding this case, it was necessary to continue on “day two”….which will be held Tuesday, March 10th, at 10am at Vancouver @ 800 Smithe St.  (possibly room 53…check for “Judge Tammen) at front desk if unsure)  Directions

Unfortunately, for various reasons, the Judge dismissed Laura Lynn’s affidavits but she did have the opportunity to speak on behalf of children being used as pawns in this political game, brought awareness to the Global response to not only this case but the rising backlash wherein legislation is being implemented to prohibit children from receiving hormone blockers eg (Alabama) and stressed the importance of the doctors and lawyers in the case before the court to be reviewed for conflict of interest and possible malpractice.  Laura Lynn will attempt to re-submit her affidavit and present the binder of information to the court tomorrow morning.

Jenn Smith followed up with an excellent presentation appealing to Judge Tammen to dismiss the publication ban against the doctors and provided solid evidence to support his reasons.  Jenn was able to connect the multi layers of doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians involved in this crazy LGBTQ agenda to indoctrinate children, confuse them, sterilize them and then mutilate them for life.

When Jenn was finished speaking, the lawyers from the other side responded trying to defend one doctor in particular and this proved difficult for them after what Jenn Smith had revealed.  Based on the Judge’s response it was evident that he had received a clear understanding of the doctors involvement in providing material (children’s books) that were not age appropriate and motivated by a personal agenda… which the doctor bragged about on mainstream media.  There was no denying at this point that the doctor’s anonymity, seeking a protection order, was in question when he himself had publicly and proudly promoted his books and his own work.  A recording of the doctor was heard in court wherein he was going on about the 1000 children attending his clinic, 500 of which are ministry kids and Jenn also repeated the doctors advice to parents to claim their child was suicidal in order to expedite a visit to his clinic.

It was difficult for the lawyers representing him to find any solid ground to stand on.  But it didn’t stop them from trying.  Which only hurt them.

Also, the lawyers presented a package to the judge first thing in the morning claiming the father and Laura Lynn had continued to breach the publication ban but had sealed the documents making them inaccessible.  This was challenged throughout the day and as a result Laura Lynn will be permitted to review the file in the morning but is not permitted to receive copies of the material within it.  Disclosure is an important part of democracy but these lawyers seem to think that they can use the “publication ban to protect the daughter” to cover almost anything.

Anyways, many more details but this gives you a glimpse into what a mess our judicial system is and how totalitarian the Liberal and NDP governments are.

This should give everyone a real wake up call and motivate each of us to be personally invested in every upcoming election, at all levels of government.  Know who you vote for and encourage and support those who have the gumption to take on this monumental task.

I realize this is short notice but if anyone is available to attend day two than please come out and join us.  The large presence is definitely making a statement and having an impact.  There is a notice on the wall listing the court rooms, next to the security desk….look for Justice Tammen’s court room.

BC Superior Court @ 10am in Vancouver @ 800 Smithe St.   Directions