Brief Biographies 

Tanya Gaw is the founder of Action4Canada Inc. Her tireless journey began 5 years ago in response to the assault against our civil liberties and in defense of our Judeo-Christian heritage, which is the core to our freedoms and democracy. Through the development of calls to action campaigns she has equipped thousands of Canadian citizens, businesses, and organizations to take action to support their right to faith, family and freedom. 

Mac Rogerson is a co-founder of Action4Canada Inc. Mac brings 35 years experience with employment and labour law, labour case law, contract law, human and charter rights and freedoms, as it applies to labour and business contracts. Mac will present an overview of the Canadian Criminal Code as it applies to business owners, as well as our Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

Denise O’Donnell is a public speaker and consultant who will be speaking about the persuasive military-grade manipulation techniques employed by cable and social media to conceal information, to create hostile division between communities. You will learn to identify these techniques, see first hand how they have infiltrated our government institutions and universities, observe these techniques in action, and leave knowing how to teach this information to others.

Retired Constable Vincent Gircys has more than 32 years of outstanding service on behalf of the community. He outlines the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by our Canadian government, and the unlawfulness of government officials in ordering police officers to act in violation of our rights guaranteed under our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as our Bill of Rights; the preamble of which declares that Canada is “founded upon principles that acknowledge the Supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions.” He specializes in conflict resolution and his ability to mediate peaceful interactions between government, the public and police agents is an asset in these challenging times.

Rocco Galati is a top constitutional  lawyer and is known for taking on tough cases challenging government institutions. Mr. Galati is also the Founder of The Constitutional Rights Centre which was established in November 2004 as a private corporation whose sole mission and aim(s) are the protection, defense, enforcement, and enhancement of constitutional rights, and the supremacy of the Constitution, and the Rule of Law, without government funding, interference, or influence whatsoever.