BC Courts Legal Action - the Church March 1-3

Persecution of Christians is on the Rise across Canada!

Whether you are a Christian, or not, this message is for all Canadians. An attack against any Section of the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms is an attack against the freedoms of all Canadians. 

On March 1-3 a judicial review hearing is set to be heard at the Vancouver Supreme Court. The hearing comes as a result of a number of BC pastors deciding to exercise their civil liberties by opening their churches against the BC public health officer, Bonnie Henry’s, Order. The Order is in violation of the Constitution and guaranteed Charter of Rights and is in further violation of the criminal code 176 (1-3) which fully protects clergy and, if violated, is an indictable offence. 

There will be a peaceful gathering in support of the pastors and the church beginning at 9:30am Monday, March 1st. Please share this information with your contacts in BC.