Abortion, Climate Change and the Trans Agenda = Population Control

September 3, 2019

Call To Action!

Dear Friends,

Please join me in writing to Mr. Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, in an effort to influence the party platform to include legislation against sex selective and full term abortion.  This aligns with Mr. Bernier’s own convictions so let’s encourage him to take a stand.

(Letter to Mr. Bernier from March Campaign addressing abortion. Read Here)

Canada is one of the only developed nations without any abortion law.  Abortions can, and are, being performed up to full term.

Due to the increase in immigration from South Asian countries sex selective abortion has become a growing concern, wherein specifically baby girls are aborted because they are considered of lesser value.

Please take the time to read this letter as the details regarding climate change and the UN trans agenda are all part of a bigger picture.

We need to be educated in order to educate others.

You know the drill….please sign your name to this letter or write a note of your own.  Email to Mr. Bernier and his policy maker, Martin Masse.

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Please share with like minded contacts and…

Thank you and God Bless Canada!



Dear Mr. Bernier,

The main purpose of this letter is to request the PPC support legislation against abortion as part of it’s Party Platform. There is a multifaceted, multi-layered globalist UN agenda to control the population. These levels will be discussed in order, to grasp the gravity of the situation and how they all tie together. Please read this entire report before responding.

First of all thank you for boldly stepping out from the Conservative party to form the People’s Party of Canada in a valiant effort to represent the grassroots and socially conservative Canadians.

As the PPC has been unfolding the party platform, we are “very” grateful for your position on multiple issues, such as: standing for our veterans, our oil and gas industry and pipelines; standing against mass immigration; and focusing on revoking the Multiculturalism Act to preserve Canada’s rich heritage.

Your refusal to fall for the Climate Change hoax is also noteworthy, as the Globalists are using it for multiple purposes. One is to impose ineffective taxes such as the carbon tax, the other for profit (such as Al Gore’s fake meat market) and another is population control. Eliminating the beef industry and promoting a vegan diet effects a man’s ability to reproduce.

A study found that men who do not eat meat have significantly reduced sperm counts and another study found that eating soy regularly also harms fertility.

The researchers, from Harvard University, believe they could be linked to a plant chemical present within soy which mimics the effects of oestrogen, the female sex hormone, on the body”.

To suggest cattle are destroying our environment by leaving a negative carbon footprint is apocryphal. In reality cattle play an integral part in maintaining a healthy climate if farmed properly.

The climate is always changing and has little to do with human influence. Currently our sea levels are just fine and polar bears are thriving, ice caps are doing very well, electric cars leave a greater carbon footprint (and involve Child labour), and the Globalists are working overtime and directing their efforts on our youth, which is creating undue fear and stress but is also effectively indoctrinating our children into believing the lie. Should we care about our environment? Absolutely, but in a manner that is honest and truly sustainable. Dealing with waste going into our landfills such as single use items and packaging is fair and reasonable as well as addressing the worse polluters of the world’s water systems, such as India.

A recent attempt by the UN to push the climate change “Armageddon” theory was using the Brazil fires to stoke fear around the world. In reality “NASA has reported that the fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years”. In spite of this the mainstream media are using this story to intentionally deceive the public. There should be legislation to hold them accountable.

Having established “Climate Change” as a means to control the population, let us take a look at two other much more aggressive strategies being implemented by the UN and its globalist partners.

At the UN’s recent G7 meeting leaders were told to promote abortion up to birth as a means of advancing “gender equality”.

In order to advance ‘Gender Equality’, G7 leaders have been told to promote extreme Canada-style abortion laws, which permit abortion up to birth, as well as censor pro-life content online deemed to be ‘misleading’.

Canada has been described as a “haven” for sex-selective abortions where girls are aborted in the womb because they are girls. This practice is widespread in India and China and has led to a serious imbalance in the sex-ratio”.

Women in India are forced to take multiple husbands to combat India’s ‘wife shortage’

Ironically, the ‘Gender Equality’ Advisory Council is promoting a practice which has women as it’s primary victims,” deceptively disguising it as a human rights campaign.

The 35 members of the Advisory Council, with diverse expertise and origins, have provided input and contributions in their areas of expertise towards this document entitled Recommendations of the Gender Equality Advisory Council for advancing gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women.

Further to this, the UN agency for women recently announced it is no longer focused on women’s rights but rather “equality of all genders,” including LGBTIQ+ and are working towards removing the term “woman” and replacing it with “gender”.

Mlambo-Ngcuka claimed “sexual orientation and gender identity” are core values of the Sustainable Development Goals, signalling that billions in aid meant for women may be redirected if UN agencies take it upon themselves to redefine the internationally-agreed goal of “gender equality” away from women’s rights.” (“redirecting” the funding to the “Trans” community)

It appears they are working to completely abolish women and support the hijacking of reality.

At a recent UN meeting, Gender Diversity Beyond Binaries, Trans person Imara Jones refers to himself as the “Head of UN ‘women’”.

Further, the UN Comprehensive Sexual Education program is intended to destroy a child’s biological understanding of themselves and is causing mass confusion, resulting in a significantly higher ratio of trans and lgbtq persons. Historically over 85% of children who questioned their gender would ultimately embrace a heterosexual lifestyle…if not interfered with. Due to the militant political trans agenda this is, sadly, no longer the case and our children are being sterilized en masse. Not only this but the CSE teaches abortion as a right which could mean young girls turn to an abortion as a means of birth control. We cannot afford to normalize unethical and deviant sexual behaviour. Whatever happened to teaching our young men and women to respect themselves as well as others? Whatever happened to the teaching of abstinence?

Absent of the birth of girls and absent of women in society, pro-creation will ultimately become extinct.

In addressing abortion, please listen to this US Senator’s passionate appeal on behalf of the unborn, as it is moving and compelling.

The globalists have no limit to the depths of their depravity. They have recently “progressed” from fighting to end the lives of the unborn to that of the newborn, arguing that the “moral status of the infant is equivalent to that of a fetus”.

The family is the perfect structure. It is the cornerstone to a healthy, thriving society and must be protected.

Andrew Scheer, as well as every other sitting leader in the House of Commons, is refusing to address abortion or the politically militant LGBTQ sex activists’ assault against society.

In 2018 a poll by Angus Reid showed 61% of Canadians believe there should be an abortion law.

Mr. Bernier, will you take the lead in supporting legislation against sex selective and late term abortion as part of your party platform, as well as commit to pull out of the destructive UN, in order to protect the unborn, the natural family and the moral compass of this Nation?

I look forward to your response.


The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.”
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton ~