A4C Endorses Derek Sloan as Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

A Man of Conviction

July 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

Action4Canada is pleased to announce our endorsement of Derek Sloan as the #1 choice as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Mr.Sloan has an exemplary campaigning record on both fiscal and socially conservative policies.

Action4Canada was hesitant to become involved in the leadership election due to the corruption and bias displayed by the Party’s Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC). The LEOC arbitrarily disqualified solid candidates, Richard Decarie and Jim Karahalios, for holding strong conservative views, and thereby interfered with the democratic process of allowing members to decide for themselves who they felt was the best candidate. The further mandate that each candidate raise $300,000.00 in order to qualify to be in the race was a further affront to Conservative Members who were the one’s expected to come up with the funds during unprecedented, financial hard times.

Our further hesitation in supporting the CPC leadership race was the fact that the party is priding itself on being a progressive, big tent party and their endorsement of candidates Peter MacKay and Erin O’toole raised some red flags. Both leaders are described as Red Tories and both leaders have alleged ties to campaign team members associated with political Islamic entryism. There are ongoing concerns over the growing threat of Islamic entryism into the Conservative Party of Canada. Prior to the election in October 2019 Andrew Scheer was recorded pandering to Islamic leaders who are anti-Israel, pro-Sharia and sanction wife beating.

However, in the midst of all of this one rising star, Derek Sloan, has outshone the rest due to his uncompromising commitment to boldly take a stand on issues that really matter to Canadians and will impact the future of this country. No political pandering and no political correctness. Sloan is addressing the issues head on. Following is a list of his campaign platform:

  • “Invest at home!”
  • Protect freedom of speech, oppose the liberal elite cancel culture and censorship
  • repeal C-16 (the so-called “transgender bill”) which threatens free speech and enshrines gender ideology into Canadian law;
  • repeal C-16 to keep men out of women’s private spaces
  • the most robust PRO-LIFE plan, with 12 policies;
  • support the police;
  • reduce immigration to Canada from 350,000 per year to 150,000 per year, and granting Québec autonomy on immigration
  • withdraw Canada from the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change;
  • ban sex-change surgeries for children experiencing gender dysphoria;
  • Protect parental rights, stop Bill C-8, which bans conversion therapy and seeks to jail parents who talk to their children about gender identity;
  • defund radical green organizations, such as Tides Canada and others;
  • defund the World Health Organization (WHO);
  • designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization;
  • declare ANTIFA as a terrorist organization

To learn more about Derek Sloan and his further policies on the economy, infrastructure, etc….Click Here

If you have not received your ballot yet, call the CPC National Service Desk about an expedited delivery at 1-866-808-8407.

**Ballots must be received by the party by August 21 and voters should allow at least 10 business days for mail delivery. You can use regular mail to return your ballot up to August 10, but after that it would be best to send it back using Express Mail or courier.

To restore the CPC to its former glory wherein integrity, traditional values, morality and Canadian sovereignty meant something, then we need to put our support behind the one person who is risking everything to make that happen. Therefore, please vote for Derek Sloan as your #1 choice.

Thank you and God bless Canada! 

The Team @