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Business Owner Testimonial

Campbell River Businessman Takes Action to Protect His Business. His Story:

“I heard about Action4Canada through a meeting to support small business owners. After hearing about the work that they were doing I immediately joined and became a member.

I knew that our constitutional rights were being violated by the lockdowns, the suffocating restrictive measures, and that small businesses were being targeted, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Small businesses were being deemed non-essential while big box stores were being given a special pass, despite selling the same goods and services.

It became obvious that small businesses were being targeted. This was further evidenced in the Orders which were inconsistent and irrational. The Corporations, liquor stores, pot shops, and airlines continued to operate without any meaningful restrictions and without any reports of adverse health outcomes, COVID illness, or fatalities as a result of it. This confirmed my questions about the validity of a pandemic and if the government was trying to destroy small businesses to gain control.  

The effects on our business and relationship with our community has been strained because of the unprecedented and unreasonable mandates. Just recently we had a couple of customers make frivolous, anonymous complaints about us to the health authorities. We were visited, and unduly questioned, to the point of risking the interruption of our ability to operate our business and provide for our family. This also puts our employees at risk of losing their income.

It was at this point that I decided to make use of one of the valuable resources on the webpage, the NO TRESPASS NOTICE. By putting all government health authorities and law enforcement on notice, which is within my constitutional rights, we have been able to continue to operate without unnecessary interruptions and threats. Since posting the Notice several government officials have been turned away.

Another critical resource Action4Canada made available is the Business Notice of Liability. The Notice advises government authorities of our guaranteed right to operate and that should they attempt to interfere with our ability to conduct business, that they will be held personally culpable for any financial injury and/or loss of personal and business income and the ability to provide for my family. The government officials have no right to threaten, intimidate or do anything that will cause harm to a business or interfere with their ability to make a living. These are protected rights and no Emergency Order supersedes them. 

I appreciate the support and the resources Action4Canada is providing to protect my business. I also appreciate knowing that I have the further support of the Action4Canada business team behind me and the fact that they have retained one of the top constitutional lawyers in Canada to protect our rights. I have peace of mind knowing that if any health authorities attempt to interfere with our business, we will go after them personally, and we will go after them hard.”

Action4Canada is here to offer support to businesses and business owners. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] and our business support team will be more than happy to assist you.

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The Business Team
@ Action4Canada