The Digital Trojan Horse
15 Minute Cities, 5G, Smart Meters and More

Watch this in-depth report with Aman Jabbi… Digital Technocracy is in our homes, schools, banks, grocery stores, every aspect of our life… how are you contributing? Do you have a home security system…well they are watching you, your children, your guests, your deliveries…everything. This is just one example. How about a Smart Meter? Are you aware that there are serious health concerns and that they have nothing to do with energy efficiency? It is part of the insidious agenda to implement a social credit scoring system.

Smart Meter Documentary

Cell towers and smart meters produce spikes of pulsed radiofrequency radiation 24/7. Smart meters can produce RFR exposure levels similar to that within the first 100 to 600 feet of a cell tower.

Are you aware that 5G is considered a dangerous carcinogenic since the frequency penetrates your skin and that Health Canada is well aware of this and refuses to update their guidelines for safe exposure levels?

Currently, the internationally accepted guidelines for safe exposure levels are set by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).  These standards have been designed to limit exposure to levels that are safely below those that can heat up tissue, i.e., between 28 and 61 volts per metre (V/m) depending on frequency. Meaning that they only look at the thermal effect.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been relying on ICNIRP when making their recommendations. And governments around the world, including Canada and the USA, have been following these recommendations. Learn more HERE

Health Canada’s position on RF/EMF emissions is based on a policy called Safety Code 6 which states that human exposure to microwave energy is safe, as long as it ranges from 3 kHz to 300 GHz, with exposure to the upper limit for an average of six minutes.

Health Canada does not consider anything except thermal effects despite the thousands of studies that demonstrate that there are serious biological effects on human health at very low radiation levels.

Using these standards, cell towers are deemed safe.  Because of this, Industry Canada will not accept health concerns as an argument against cell towers.

Safety Code 6 was developed in the 1980s and has not been significantly updated to reflect the increasing scientific research from around the world warning that exposure can cause cellular change in humans.

Health Canada admits that more research is needed, but continues to use these standards while countries such as Italy, Russia, China and Switzerland all have regulations 100 times more stringent than Safety Code 6.

  • Those countries allow 100,000 microwatts per square metre
  • Canada allows 10 million microwatts per square metre (100 times more)