Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground!

What powerful and encouraging words. We are called to Stand our Ground and when God calls His people to stand…He always shows up.

How do you begin to Stand your Ground:  Sign up for Action4Canada’s zoom invitation for unionized workers, take part in the Call to Action campaigns, and make a decision today to refuse to compromise or comply with the unlawful actions of the government.

A Message from Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada

Action4Canada has, from the onset of this faux pandemic, maintained the position that something sinister is afoot and that the government’s actions are in direct violation of Canadian’s guaranteed rights and freedoms. We have worked diligently to educate citizens and provide them with effective resources so they can stand their ground. As a further step in protecting every Canadian’s Constitutional rights, we commenced a Constitutional challenge against the BC and federal government.

We are very pleased to report that as a result of filing our Notice of Civil Claim on August 17, 2021, provincial and federal government officials named as defendants, are changing their tune and now appear to be carefully considering their decisions. Click on each statement below to read the news article.

Defendant: Attorney General, David Lametti

Defendant: Minister of Transportation, Omar Alghabra

Defendant: BC Ferries

Defendant: BC Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside

Good News Report: BC Campaign Advising School Trustees of Liability

The BC Campaign informing School Board Trustees of their risk of personal liability is paying off as one School Board District after another votes AGAINST the unlawful mandate to vaccinate educators and support staff. This week, the largest district in BC,  Surrey, voted NO as well as the Vancouver School Board!

We are encouraging all Canadians to get involved and serve School Board Trustees nationwide if the trustees are endorsing or supporting mandating the jab for children or educators. They are unlawfully practicing medicine and are opening themselves up to liability by using coercion, extortion or acting in bad faith. These are indictable offences and they are personally not protected under any Act or Statute that is in violation of the Canadian Rule of Law, Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Serve the Trustees in your district today!

Zoom Meeting: Is Employment a Right?

When: November 9th, 2021. Sign on starts at 01:15pm PST/4:15pm EST  Pre-registration Zoom Link

This meeting is for all Unionized, and non-unionized, workers. You have the guaranteed right to life, liberty and security of the person.  Which means you have the right to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family.

We have prepared a further letter as a powerful resource to inform your employer and union rep that they, as individual citizens, will be held ‘personally’ liable for any loss of income or damages you suffer as a result of their actions. You are not addressing them in their capacity as employer or union rep but as a citizen who is committing indictable offenses.

Join Unionized Workers Unite and receive the resources you need to protect your job and be a part of the growing force rising in opposition to government overreach.

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Thank you and God Bless Canada!

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Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advise. We encourage you to do your own research.