Reconvene the House of Commons & Lift the Draconian Lockdowns
June 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

The WHO recently stopped clinical trials of Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid 19 over safety concerns. Which is odd considering the thousands of doctors who are speaking up and proclaiming it is a safe treatment, along with azithromycin and zinc, and is a drug that has been around for over 60 years. India has confirmed hydroxychloroquine works and a Democrat admitted hydroxychloroquine worked for her. A further news report (Section 5) advises that 37% of physicians who have treated COVID-19 patients believe hydroxychloroquine is the most effective therapy of a list of 15 options.

Is the WHO struggling with a conflict of interest because of an allegiance with Bill Gates who happens to be one of their top financial contributors and pushing for a mandated vaccine? 

The CDC recently reported that the Covid 19 virus fatality rate is .26%. Not 3.4, not even 2% but thankfully .26%. Read Here  The death rate for the flu (according to the leading Flu Vaccine’s own trials on insert) is .6%.  The SARS fatality rate was 9.4% and Ebola was 40.4% according to the CDC. A Leaked document from a German Official reports that Covid 19 was a global false alarm.

The early doomsday predictions about the coronavirus were all wrong. It is being consistently reported now (accept by the MSM) that everything that justified the lockdowns and the shutting down of our economy was wrong.

Despite this information last week Justin Trudeau decided to shut down the House of Commons until September 15th and continues to harp on about a vaccine.

Please sign the petition to reconvene the House and get government back to work (when you sign the petition you must also respond to an auto email sent to your inbox).  There needs to be proper debate and oversight and it needs to be done by a fully staffed parliament. The liberals were only able to pass this motion with the help of the NDP. The NDP does not care about getting Canadians back to work. Their sinking party is only interested in political virtue signalling stunts to gain a few votes.

And what was the deal the NDP made with the devil you might ask?  It was to ensure every worker in Canada who needs it can access 10 days of paid sick leave annually.

“The Prime Minister, in an obvious capitulation to the 24-member NDP caucus, has promised to ‘advance talks with provinces.’ Like most government announcements, no details were provided such as who will pay for such an expensive undertaking and what qualifies as ‘sick.’  Provinces are in no position to pick up the tab for this undertaking. If small businesses are forced to endure these costs it could mean the final “nail in the coffin.”  (Message from MP Liepert  Read Here)

In addition to signing the petition, please sign and send the letter below (or write your own) and send to your MP…if you have time…please send to every MP…Or at the very least…the list of Liberals.

Liberal email list.  Complete MP lists  Your MP Click HERE

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

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Dear MP, 

the government is an essential service and therefore I request you immediately get back to work and focus on getting these draconian lockdowns lifted. They are causing more harm than good. If you choose not to comply, I further request you forfeit your salary until such a time that you are willing to fulfill your electoral duties.

If you do not care for the sound of this, then please consider all the Canadians you have put out of work and the businesses who were forced to close. Covid 19 does not constitute a pandemic according to the CDC (Read Here) and other sources (Germany). 

Please, stop the charade and get Canadians back to work.   

Yours truly,