Gun Ban – Turning Citizens into Unarmed Subjects

July 25, 2020

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Back to today’s business … In response to the Liberal government’s attacks against legal gun owners via gun bans, Action4Canada launched several campaigns (Jan. 15, 2020   April 30, 2020).

On May 1, 2020 the Liberals amended Regulations under the Criminal Code which arbitrarily reclassified approximately 1500 previously-legal firearms and “variants” as “prohibited,” thereby making it suddenly illegal to own them. They did so by issuing an Order-in-Council when parliament was not fully functioning due to Covid-19. There was no public consultation, debate or assessment before this decision was made.

Now we are learning that the Liberals – who do not have a majority mandate to undertake such a massive confiscation – are also plotting legislation that would permit municipal governments to outlaw the possession of handguns in homes.

The problem is that the overwhelming evidence shows that gun bans have a devastating affect on personal safety and security, as it is followed by a dramatic increase in crime.

New Zealand is a perfect example as their Prime Minister expedited a gun ban after a mass shooting (committed by a criminal) and, as a result, they are experiencing the highest level of crimes and killings in a decade.

The Order in Council allows government to confiscate firearms used for hunting and sport shooting which were obtained lawfully and approved under the Criminal Code of Canada. This is a violation of every Canadian’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the freedom to own property. It’s guns today, but what property will the Liberals decide to seize tomorrow? This should be of concern to every Canadian. Whether you own a gun or not.

Firearms owners are required to pay and take a safety course on the handling of firearms; they are required to show proof that they have the legal authority (approved by the RCMP) to purchase a firearm; they are required to apply and pay for a license to operate these firearms and they are required to follow all the appropriate regulations that apply to the use of firearms. Their names are checked daily through a police screening data base checking for any mental health or domestic issues.

In response to the Order-in-Council the CCFR has filed an action against the government as well as the RCMP for their abuse of the FRT system.

As mentioned previously, a gun ban does nothing about actual criminals, who are responsible for the majority of gun violence and cross border smuggling. The Liberal’s intent is to disarm Canadians so that they cannot defend themselves against government overreach. Venezuela is a perfect example of how dictators came into power, confiscated all firearms, and seized complete control and power over the country.

Those who created the US Constitution included the second amendment with the understanding that “political turmoil can emerge at any time, and citizens must have a final means of protecting themselves in the case that all institutional options have been exhausted.”

Therefore, please spend 5 minutes and support the following petitions by signing and sharing.


New E-Petition to make it mandatory for any Member of Parliament, that will make any decisions and/or legislation based on firearms, take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC).  Read additional information on Petition E-2626  – Sign Here

Fire Bill Blair – Read more and  Sign Here

Repeal the Order in Council Petition E-2576 – Sign Here

Scrap the Order in Council Petition (226,919 signatures!) Sign Here

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