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Post-Menopausal Bleeding

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause post-menopausal bleeding? Here’s what we know. Global News Report June 22, 2021.

Spike Protein Shedding

One of the “Five Docs,” as she calls them, who is investigating the situation, Dr. Northrup says that thousands upon thousands of unvaccinated women, for example, are now experiencing dramatic changes to their periods from being around others who have taken the CV-19 shots.

“Something is clearly being transmitted,” she explained, revealing horrific stories about babies as young as just a few months old experiencing blood clots coming out of their vaginas after having been in contact with recently “inoculated” people.

“If you look at the Pfizer document from the very beginning, on page 67 it actually says that ‘no male should be impregnating a woman for seven weeks, and no female should get pregnant for seven weeks,’ and they say right on there because of ‘skin contact’ or ‘sexual contact.’”

“So you have to ask yourself, what did they know, or do they know, that they’re not telling us?”

Dr. Christiane Northrup explains risks of covid vaccine spike protein “shedding”.

As an OBGYN herself, Dr. Northrup is horrified that suddenly it has become normal for doctors and nurses to be injecting their patients and themselves with experimental “medicines” like this.

Are they stark raving mad?

There have been NO long term fertility studies. The ACE2 receptor for the Covid-19 spike protein is significantly expressed in the testis and placenta. Read more.

This vaccine, COULD, but in God’s name hopefully will not, cause mass infertility, as once primed the immune system never forgets what it has been programmed to destroy.

That theoretical possibility should cause an immediate halt on all vaccinations until conclusively shown to be unfounded.

Last time I checked pregnancy takes 9 months – the ‘trials’ only took 6 months and did not include any pregnant women or checks on sperm counts.

This is NOT fearmongering, it’s straight medical science out there is the literature before Covid struck during that time in history now called BC (Before Covid).

Notice in the chart below, that two of the highest levels of concentration are in the testis and placenta: