Empower Hour Denis Rancourt June 1, 2022
Masks, the Unvaxxed, post secondary education and geopolitics

Join A4C as we discuss multiple topics with Dr. Denis Rancourt. Such as: the harms of masks; the lie that the unvaccinated increase risk to the vaccinated; and alternative post secondary education.

Giving Youth a Voice – Jack


Gun ban….
Please sign and share this new parliamentary e-Petition: e-4010
As discussed above, the Liberals announced through an Order in Council the requirement for all firearms retailers to maintain a firearms registry, coming into effect on May 18th.

This new petition calls for this to immediately repeal the order issued April 29, 2022.

Please sign the petition here

Watch MP Todd Doherty’s introduction to this new petition here

We understand that some people will hesitate to sign this petition because they do not believe it will ultimately make a difference. We acknowledge this viewpoint, but we urge you to sign regardless. These petitions are useful tools for the firearms community in other ways, even if they do not cause legislation to be repealed.